A lot of my tableware has a figure of Daruma san as decoration.

aburakoshi, abura-koshi あぶらこし【油漉し】 for filtering used oil
kosu こす【漉す】 to filter
Usually a metal net.
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Used Tempura-oil is collected for reuse these days.

amijakushi あみじゃくし【網杓子】ladle with a filter
skimmer, ladle strainer
kind of shakushi しゃくし【杓子】 ladle.
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They come with diffrent sizes of nets, for tempura or froth and scum on food etc.

arumihoiru アルミホイル aluminium foil
"alumi foil"
used for wrapping dishes and ingredients.

Bentoobako ― Lunchbox with Daruma Bentoobako 弁当箱, Lunchpaket
Bento and Ekiben Bento at the station. Lunchpakete und O-Bento am Bahnhof
..... magewappa bento box 曲げわっぱ

Bon, 盆 a tray Tablett

chawan 茶碗 tea cup and rice bowl

Coasters Bierdeckel

Cups and Mugs
..... Guinomi ぐい飲み Tea Cups Teetassen

Daidokoro 台所 (だいどころ) Japanese Kitchen

Gopan Rice Bread Cooker ライスブレッドクッカー「GOPAN(ゴパン)」

hachi 鉢 all kinds of bowls Schalen, Schüsseln

Handai はんだい wooden tub to prepare sushi rice

Hashi : Hashi, O-Hashi ... Chopsticks お箸 おはし
..... chopstick Rest Hashi oki ... chopstick rests 箸置き, Esstäbchen
..... box to keep the chopsticks, hashibako 箸箱
..... saibashi さいばし (菜箸) long chopsticks used for cooking and serving.
kajikibashi 鹿食箸 chopsticks to eat "mountain meat"  from Suwa Shrine
kattobashi カットバシ / カット箸 / かっとばし
chopsticks made from broken baseball clubs

Hocho, wabocho . 和包丁. Knife, knives (hoochoo, waboochoo) Japanisches Messer

Honenuki 骨抜きPincer, Pinzette

Hooroku ほうろく(焙烙) earthware pan
for special hooroku dishes like horokuyaki.
Hooroku 焙烙 / 炮烙 / ホーロク / ほうろくearhten roasting pot and Hooroku Jizo ほうろく地蔵 and a kyogen play, 炮烙割り "smashing pots"

Kaishi 懐紙Japanese paper for the tea ceremony, washi 和紙

kama 釜 stove, Herd
Old farmhouses use a large stove fired with wood.
. . . . . nukagama 糠釜(ぬかがま) stove fired with nuka rice bran.
The stove is used outside in the garden.
It keeps the temperature even for a long time and is best for cooking rice.. . . CLICK here for Photos !

Kashigata 菓子型 <> Cake Molds from wood
..... Kashigata 菓子型 Cake mold from iron
kata 型 mold, shape

Kashi bin 菓子ビン <> Glass for cookies

katsuobushi kezuriki かつおぶし削り器 cutter box for katsuobushi Hobel fuer Bonitospaene

Kitaoji Rosanjin A master of making pottery.

koohii kappu コーヒーカップ coffee cup

Kyuusu teapot 急須 (kyusu) for green tea

Manaita, Chopping Board まな板

Mashiko Pottery and Folk Craft Mashikoyaki 益子焼, mingei 民芸

Meoto Tableware for Couples Rice bowls :
meotojawan 夫婦茶碗 , chopsticks : meotobashi 夫婦箸, tea cups : meotoguinomi 夫婦ぐい呑み

Misokoshi みそこし (味噌漉し)strainer for miso paste

Nabe, pots and pand
..... Nabe ... だるま鍋 ... Cooking pots with Daruma

Oroshigane おろしがね (下ろし金/卸し金) metal grater
Some are even served together with a wasabi root at special restaurants to grate them as you eat. They can be quite decorative, I have one in the form of a little turtle.
There are special ones, for example for stone salt 岩塩専用おろしがね.
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sakazuki 杯/ さかずき small cup for hot sake
. . . Sakazuki 杯 small cups / 達磨タンブラー . Tumbler Daruma

sara, ban さら 【皿・盤】 plate, dish, Teller. of various kinds and shapes
. . . Sara - Plates with Daruma お皿にだるま
kawarakezara, kawakake sara かわらけ皿
unglazed dishes used since AD 400
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Shamoji しゃもじ ... Rice Spoon, Ladle , rice paddle
杓子 (しゃくし shakushi)

Shichirin 七輪 portable cooking stove

Shio Koshoo Ire ... Salt and Pepper Shaker 塩胡椒入れ

Shooyu sashi ... 醤油差し ... Soy sauce dispenser

Sudare すだれ bamboo mat for making sushi

Suribachi すりばち(擂り鉢/摺り鉢) groved grating mortar
..... surikogi boo すりこぎ棒 pestle

Take no kawa 竹の皮 dried bamboo leaves as wrappers

tonsui とんすい small serving bowl with a handle

Tokkuri ― Drinking Hot Sake with Daruma  徳利とだるま

chawan 茶碗 tea cup and rice bowl

Tsumayooji (tsumajoji) 爪楊枝 つまようじ <> Toothpicks-holder

Uchiwa うちわ flat fan
to cool food or help a charcoal brazier

urokohiki, uroko-hiki うろこひき/ 鱗引き remover for fish scales
uroko o hiku 鱗を引く remove fish scales
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. utsuwa 器 dishes, bowls, pots and plates .

Wasara paper dishes

Yakiami 焼き網 (やきあみ) net to grill food
double-nets where you can hold the fish to grill it on both sides
They are round or square or oblong, according to your barbeque set or grilling facilities. Some have two sides with a handle to squeeze fish or other food inside for easy turning.
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yunomi 湯のみ(湯呑み) small tea cups. Becher
. . . Yunomi ― Drinking Tea with Daruma  湯のみとだるまさん/ Guinomi, chawan 茶碗

Zen, Tray, Dinner tray, box tray (hako zen) ...


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Chuukanabe Pfanne für chinisische Gerichte
Handai Hölzerne Schale für Sushireis-Zubereitung
Makiyakinabe Pfanne für japanisches viereckiges Omelett (ev. tamagoyakinabe)
Manaita Küchenbrett
Misokoshi Miso-Seiher
Mushiki Dämpfer
Oroshigane Reibeisen für Wasabi, für Rettich
Otoshibuta Holzdeckel zum direkten Auflegen beim Kochen
Oyakodonnabe Pfanne für Ei mit Hühnerfleisch (oyakodon)
Saibashi Lange Kochstäbchen
Sarashi Baumwolltuch
Shamoji Reislöffel, spezieller für Sushi
Suihanki Reiskocher
Sukiyakinabe Pfanne für Sukiyaki
Suribachi Mörser mit Holzstößel
Tenpuranabe Pfanne für Tempura
Uchiwa Blattförmiger Fächer für Sushi
Zen Tablett zum Servieren für Einzelpersonen


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