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Culinaria Books



Culinaria Books
Worldwide Food Culture


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Culinaria Russia.
Tandem Verlag GmbH, Germany, 2007

Culinaria Deutschland
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... some of the Culinaria series of world cuisine cookbooks, which are now on clearance at Borders for $9.99.
These cookbooks are very difficult to find, and the prices wildly fluctuate as they go in and out of print.
I like these cookbooks so much
that I even named my blog after them.

The Culinaria series, which consists of the Caribbean, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Russia, and the United States, specializes in cultural and regional specialties in each of the countries featured in the books.
There are many recipes for classic dishes and the recipes seem to be uniformly excellent, from what I can tell from the few reviews online and my own experience.

The German publisher Konemann started putting out the Culinaria series out about ten years ago, and most of the Culinaria cookbooks have gone through two editions.

I’d imagine that since the publisher is German, they are available in German as well as English, but I don’t have evidence for that. H. F. Ullmann and/or the Langenscheidt Group now puts them out, with new editions in the past couple of years and upcoming in 2008. (I think Konemann went out of business, but you’ll still see the publisher listed as Konemann on several online cookbook sites for these cookbooks.)

from a person at Ullmann :
in Autumn 2010 the Japan volume will be published in German, with an English translation to appear in the Spring of 2011.
However, this person says that further volumes are not planned for the time being.
answer to a question from American Culinaria Fan Club

P. W. Turner Says:
If you want to suggest a volume for the series, you should write to the publisher – see my earlier email (above). They replied in German, but really, I think it would help if they heard from more fans of the series.
Try writing to Isabel Weiler:

Paul Says:
I would kill for a copy of the Culinaria India that was never released.

Giorgio Says:
Well, we are well into 2010 and unfortunately no Culinaria China or India yet (in english)… sob.. sigh..

8 September 2011

still working on Culinaria Japan. Takes more time than expected especially due to the Fukushima incident and we have to invest more money.
Hope to release it next year. ...
Best Florian

More is HERE
Culinaria Eugenius
source :


They NEED Japan, Korea, China (probably a Boxed set) Thailand, Philippines etc.

ONLY Culinaria can give us the type of Japanese cookbook I think people have been wanting... Which Japanese cookbooks that you know of have Combini food, Takoyaki, KareAge. Daifuku and even MENTION Pocky and KitKats...

source : Culinaria series by Konemann


CULINARIA JAPAN is coming up !
I have worked very hard to realize it in its due time.

But it will be greatly delayed,
due to circumstances of the publisher.


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