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Sushi 寿司 

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November 1, Sushi Day

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11月1日は 寿司の日


ayuzushi, ayu sushi 鮎ずし sushi with sweetfish
best from the clear waters of the river Kozagawa 古座川
Wakayama prefecture

barazushi ばらずし 
Kansai-Ausdruck für gomokuzushi oder chirashizushi.
In Kyoto made with kanbutsu.
Barazushi from Okayama Prefecture
one plate of sushi rice with many toppings

bekkoozushi, bekkoo sushi, bekko sushi べっこう寿司 'Tortoise-shell sushi'
Mie prefecture

iwashizushi, iwashi sushi イワシ寿司 sushi from herrings
Mie prefecture

Iwakunizushi 岩国ずし Sushi from Iwakuni
Also called "The Daimyo Sushi", tonosama sushi 殿様寿司.
Shimane prefecture

kabura-zushi, kabura sushi かぶら寿司
salted yellowtail sandwiched between turnips
from Kaga, Ishikawa ken.
It was prepared to hide the expensive fish from the eyes of others in times of thrift. Always eaten for the New Year in Kanazawa.
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kigo for all winter
Eingelegte Ruebe mit Gelbschwanz

kaisamazushi, kaisama sushi かいさまずし "Upside down sushi"
kaisama means sakasama, turned upside down.
The fish is turned with the skin inside and placed on sushi rice.
Speciality of Kochi, mostly tachiuo scabbard fish.

kaki no hazushi かきの葉ずし / 柿の葉寿司 sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves
from Nara prefecture

kankanzushi kankan sushi (hottarazushi) カンカンずし(ほったらずし)
Shodoshima, Okayama prefecture

Kasado hiramezushi 笠戸ひらめ寿司
flounder sushi from Kasado
Speciality of Kasado Island, where a lot of this fish is landed. Best from autumn to winter, when the fish thrive in the clean water around the island. Now they are also kept in aquariums and can be eaten all year round.
Yamaguchi prefecture

kokerazushi, kokera sushi こけら寿司 / 柿鮓 "Layered Sushi"
Layers of sushi, representing many layers of happiness. Eaten for auspicious occasions and festivals.
It is a kind of boxed sushi that was so large, it had to be parted with layers of bamboo leaves.
Wakayama prefecture, Kochi
Kokerazushi こけら寿司 / 柿寿司 / こけら鮨 layered sushi from Okayama

mamakari zushi ままかりずし sushi from sappa
Okayama prefecture

namazushi, nama sushi 生寿司 "raw sushi"
Used in Hokkaido to make a difference between nigirizushi and stuffed inarizushi.
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nuberizushi, nuberi sushi めばり寿司 sushi with takana leafy vegetable
Mie prefecture

oshinukizushi oshinuki sushi 押し抜きずし
from fava beans and sawara. In some areas, the new bride of the home would prepare some with the flavor of her mother-in-law, take it home to her own family and show off with her new recipe.
Shodoshima, Okayama prefecture

nonoko ののこ , ののこ飯 a type of Inari zushi
Tottori prefecture
Inari Sushi (inarizushi いなり寿司)

sanmazushi 秋刀魚寿司 (さんまずし) sanma sushi
sushi from pacific saury. Instead of wasabi, a bit of Japanese karashi mustard is used before the fish is pressed on the rice. サンマ寿司
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Wakayama prefecture, Mie prefecture

tekonezushi てこねずし . 手こねずし
fish zushi mixed with the hands
Red fish like katsuo bonito and maguro tuna are sliced for sashimi and marinated in soy sauce. Then they are mixed with sushi rice. Perilla leaves, ginger or other seaweed can be mixed. It started with the fishermen of the SHIMA region on their boats, who did not have much time for preparing meals and mixed it with their hands. The ama divers also eat this.
Mie prefecture
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unagizushi 鰻寿司 unagi eel on sushi rice
(not common elswhere) . only in Osaka
andere Regionen verwenden ANAGO

uzumezushi,uzume sushi うずめ寿司 sushi rice wrapped in bamboo leaves
with carrots and mountain vegetables
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yama no sushi 山の寿司 sushi with mountain vegetables
the rice is often prepared with yuzu citron to make it more tasty.
Speciality of mountainous areas, where fresh fish was not available.
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yorori no zushi ヨロリのずし
Promethichthys prometheus (Cuvier)
ヨロリ(クロシビカマス kuroshibi kamasu)は見た目は黒くグロテスクですが脂が乗って絶品です。
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This fish is not related to kamasu. It has a lot of small bones. Eaten as sashimi, boild or salt-grilled. Also dried.
shibi - Thunfisch
kamasu - Edelhecht, Sphyraenidae.

Yuurei zushi / Ghost sushi
without fish
Yamaguchi Prefecture

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