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Sawachi Cuisine 皿鉢料理 sawachi ryoori

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Sawachi is a Kochi culinary tradition dating back to end of Japan's feudal age. This colorful dish highlights the harvests of the ocean brought to us on the 'black current' and the bounty of the mountains.
The colorful presentation of sawachi reflects the heart and soul of Tosa. Sawachi is an arrangment of sashimi, tataki, sushi, and other seasonal foods presented on a large colorful porcelain platter. Sawachi is a way of eating, and more than that, it's a way of enjoying yourself at a party with good friends. Informal, warm and intimate--just like Kochi! Sawachi is always the best of the harvests from Tosa's blue oceans and green mountains.

Ikezukuri Snapper
Snapper is known as the king of fish, and a party isn't complete without a snapper. Presented here in the ikezukuri style, the fish looks as if it's about to leap off the table! Most Tosa cuisine is presented simply, the emphasis being on taste rather than style, but this dish is the exception.

Katsuo Tataki
When you come for a visit, you can't leave without first indulging in this signature dish of Kochi. Fresh bonito is seared over a straw fire. During this process, a mixture of vinegar, salt, and soy sauce is rubbed into the flesh which is then tenderized with the flat of a knife. It is then served in surprisingly thick slices with onion, garlic, and Japanese basil.

Kochi is blessed with some of the best fresh fish in Japan. And this sawachi dish featuring our wonderful sashimi is a classic. A variety of fish are served depending on the season and often include bonito, tuna, snapper, yellowtail, and squid.

This delightful sawachi combines many types of savory dishes with fruits and even sweets such as yokan - a sweet been jelly. Brightly colorful and very different from other common Japanese foods, this is one of the highlights of sawachi cuisine.

Mackerel and Kamasu Sushi
Long ago, salted mackerel was considered a delicacy. Nowadays, fresh mackerel and kamasu, a barracuda, are presented in this vivid masculine style that captures the wild and rugged spirit of Tosa.

Snapper Somen
A popular party dish. In the past, snapper was made into fish paste and then used to make red and white somen noodles. Nowadays, the fish is prepared whole and placed on top of somen. The noodles are said to represent the ocean waves; the mushrooms, Japanese basil, and sliced omlette, the coastline of Tosa.

This sawachi dish is made with no fish or meat of any kind and features mushrooms, seaweed, and other vegetables. Typical of Tosa, it breaks all the traditional formal rules and is exciting as well as healthy!
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Sawachi Ryori in a Flower Park in Tosa, with chopsticks and all

Spring 2013


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