Saitama prefecture


Saitama prefecture

Saitama Prefecture (埼玉県, Saitama-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Honshū. The capital is the city of Saitama.

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This prefecture is part of the Greater Tokyo Area, and most of Saitama's cities can be described as suburbs of Tokyo, to which floods of residents commute each day.
It is located central-west of the Kanto region, measuring 103 km from east to west and 52 km from north to south.

Most of the land is contained in Chichibu Tama Kai National Park.

Rivers and canals including those developed in the Edo period (17th - 19th centuries) in the east of the prefecture are largely disused following the introduction of motorised land transport. The traces of water transports are found on the Tone River Kumagaya - Chiyoda, Gunma border[8] and on Arakawa River a tourist attraction in Nagatoro, Chichibu District and petroleum tankers from Tokyo Bay to Wakō.
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Kome Mame Project
Shimosato farm in Ogawa, Yoshinori Kaneko


Dishes from Saitama 埼玉郷土料理

bentoo 埼玉弁当 lunch boxes with local produce

. aonasu, ao-nasu 青なす "green eggplant"  
Tokigawa town ときがわ町

botan dango ぼたん団子 dango filled with anko sweet bean paste
from Higashi Matsuyama 東松山

Furai フライ "fry", kind of yakisoba
When people say“ fries”in Gyoda town, they do not mean “french fries” but a different kind of fried food with the texture of a crepe.
serii furai ゼリーフライ "Jelly fries" are made of potato and okara bean curd refuse and resemble croquettes.
From Gyoda Town 行田市

gokaboo 五家宝  (ごかほう) Gokabo, a kind of sweet
"treasure of five families"
mochi are pounded thin to form the inside of the roll. Kinako powder is mixed with mizuame to form the skin. Kinako powder is then sprinkled on the roll.
Made of rice, toasted and ground soybean flour, and malt sugar with glucose and dextrin.
From Kumagaya town
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Higashi Matsuyama Yakitori 東松山やきとり
"spiced chicken skewers"
from Higashimatsuyama town.
eaten with a very hot spicy miso sauce.
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Green tea from Irima 入間茶 Irima cha

. Iwatsuki negi 岩槻葱(いわつきねぎ)
leek from Iwatsuki town

kikuimo, kiku-imo キクイモ 菊芋 
"chrysanthemum potato"
Jerusalem artichoke, girasole
Helianthus tuberosus
Also called the sunroot or sunchoke or earth apple or topinambur.
In Baden-Württemberg, Germany, over 90 percent of the Jerusalem artichoke root is used to produce a spirit called "Topinambur", "Topi" or "Rossler".
It used to be grown in the area around Omiya 大宮, and is lately revived. It has the property to lower blood sugar and is very healthy to eat.

kinton きんとん mashed sweet potatoes
containing sweetened chestnuts

Saiboku Ham サイボクハム
Pig and Pork Museum

sekitan arare せきたんあられ / 石炭あられ rice crackers with charcoal
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Soka senbei, Sooka senbei 草加せんべい rice crackers from Soka town

toofu raamen とうふラーメン Tofu Ramen soup
from Saitama Town

source : www.pref.saitama.lg.jp

Things found on the way

Yoshimi Hyakuana 吉見百穴

Literally meaning, "100 holes of Yoshimi," the Yoshimi Hyakuana National Historic Site preserves 219 ancient tombs carved into a soft sandstone hillside between the sixth and seventh centuries.

After the holes were rediscovered in the 1880s, the first Japanese archaeologist to work there believed they had been cave dwellings. However, further research in the 1920s showed they were burial sites.


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Kawagoe's Imogashi (Potato Snacks)

Kawagoe has been famous for the production of delicious sweet potatoes since the Edo period. Kawagoe's potato snacks, making use of the sweetness of local sweet potatoes, have been continuously developing throughout the history of Kawagoe. The number of types of Kawagoe potato snacks is as numerous as the stars. Among them, the most popular ones are imosembei (slices of baked sweet potatoes), imokempi (slices of fried sweet potatoes dusted with powdered sugar), and imonatto (round slices of sweet potatoes boiled with crystal clear syrup).

There are many longstanding potato snack shops in town, each of which pleases customers with the shop's unique taste.