Takana mustard greens


Mustard greens, Senfkraut (takana)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Summer
***** Category: Plant



takana 高菜 mustard greens, Senfkraut
Leaf mustard, Indian mustard, Rai, Brown mustard, wild mustard
Brassica juncea var. integlifolia

Young tender leaves of mustard greens are used in salads or mixed with other salad greens. Older leaves with stems may be eaten fresh, canned or frozen, for potherbs, and to a limited extent in salads. Mustard greens are often cooked with ham or salt pork, and may be used in soups and stews. Although widely and extensively grown as a vegetable, it is being grown more for its seeds which yield an essential oil and condiment. Easier to grow than Black Mustard (B. nigra), it has nearly replaced it in brown mustard preparations since 1945.

Mustard Oil is one of the major edible oils in India, the fixed oil content of rai varying between 28.6% and 45.7%. Oil is also used for hair oil, lubricants and, in Russia, as a substitute for olive oil. Adding 1.1–2.2% mustard oil to fresh apple cider retards fermentation.
Seed residue is used as cattle feed and in fertilizers.

Folk Medicine
Reported to be anodyne, apertif, diuretic, emetic, rubefacient, and stimulant, Indian Mustard is a folk remedy for arthritis, footache, lumbago, and rheumatism (Duke and Wain 1981).
Seed used for tumors in China.
Root used as a galactagogue in Africa. Sun-dried leaf and flower are smoked in Tanganyika to "get in touch with the spirits."
Ingestion may impart a body odor repellent to mosquitoes (Burkill, 1966). Believed to be aperient and tonic, the volatile oil is used as a counterirritant and stimulant.
In Java the plant is used as an antisyphilitic emmenagogue. Leaves applied to the forehead are said to relieve headache (Burkill, 1966).
In Korea, the seeds are used for abscesses, colds, lumbago, rheumatism, and stomach disorders. Chinese eat the leaves in soups for bladder, inflammation or hemorrhage. Mustard oil is used for skin eruptions and ulcers (Perry, 1980).
source : www.hort.purdue.edu



. hyakka 万葉(ひゃっか)"onethousand leaves".

This is a special green leaf vegetable of Kagawa prefecture,the naming is of Western Sanuki. It is quite bitter and needs to be soaked in water over night to get rid of the bitterness (akunuku). It can then be prepared like hakusai or komatsuna leaves.
In Takamatsu, it is called "manba". takana, oona 高菜 (大からし菜)
ひゃっかのドレッシングあえ hyakka no doresshingu ae
dressing with mustard green



. takana raisu 高菜ライス fried rice with takana .



. nuberizushi, nuberi sushi めばり寿司
sushi with takana leafy vegetable .

a form of takanazushi. 高菜 takana leaves are marinated in nibaizu or sanbaizu vinegar and then the warm leaf wrapped around sushi rice.



. meharizushi, mehari sushi めはり寿司
rice wrapped in leaves .

... toobazushi, tooba sushi とう菜寿司
From the Back Yoshino area 奥吉野, made from wild takana, 高菜, (mana マナ, harumana 春真菜) wrapped around hot cooked rice. It is the first harbinger of spring in Yoshino. Woodworkers and forest workers used it as a bento lunch paket.
The names comes from a wordplay, with "opeinig your eyes wide when seeing this huge lunch paket" "me o miharu hodo okii".
Also eaten in Mie and Wakayama prefecture.

. takanazushi, takana sushi 高菜ずし sushi from takana leaves .

Worldwide use

Punjab, India

kigo for winter

female fingers
washing mustard greens
in hot water

Charan Gill


Beautiful mustard green (“Sarson”) fields
adorn the Indian state of Punjab (my homeland!). During the Sarson season, Punjabis will eat a puree of mustard greens and spinach literally every day for lunch.
These greens have a deliciously addictive bitter taste that is insanely good for you.
This particular recipe is inspired by my love of Chinese stir-fried greens with garlic :
• Sauteed mustard greens in garlic, spiced with fennel, cumin and coriander seeds
source : kasaindian.com

Things found on the way

In parts of Northern Russia they are planted in summer to fight the weeds in the fields.


naki chichi no mimitabu yururu takanabata

the earlobe
of my dead father shakes -
field of mustard greens

Ikegami 池上樵人


kazanbai arai-nagashite takana tsuku

I wash off
all the volcanic ash -
pickling mustard leaves

Yoshino Michiko 吉野みち子

Takanazuke 高菜漬 pickled mustard greens are a well-liked side-dish in Western Japan.
Many housewifes still do their own mix.

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