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Toyokawa Inarizushi 豊川いなり寿司
Toyokawa Inari 豊川稲荷 Fox Shrine at ToyokawaThe shrine has a compound with more than 800 fox statues.
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いなり寿司フェスタin 豊川
The great fox shrine of Toyokawa in the old Mikawa region, now Aichi, is using this sushi to revitalize the old access road to the shrine.
The mascot of the town is called "Inarin" いなりん, a fox-type character with big white sushi rice grains on his back.
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They serve more than 100 different types of inarizushi, some topped with a cutlet and ketchup, some topped with a piece of broiled eel.

There is also a

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"FOX Hamburger"

Instead of a bun, two pieces of square grilled tofu are used to sandwich a piece of cotelette with lettuce and ketchup !
It looks like a real burger !



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