Midorimushi Euglena



Euglena (midorimushi) for food

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Midorimushi, the little green insect, is now researched in Japan for its power as food and bio-fuel.

yuugurena ユーグレナ Euglena


Euglena is a genus of unicellular protists, of the class Euglenoidea of the phylum Euglenozoa (also known as Euglenophyta). They are single-celled organisms. Currently, over 1000 species of Euglena have been described.
Some Euglena are considered to have both plant and animal features.

A Euglena is a protist that can both eat food as animals by heterotrophy; and can photosynthesize, like plants, by autotrophy.
Euglena can survive in fresh and salt water. In low moisture conditions, a Euglena forms a protective wall around itself and lies dormant as a spore until environmental conditions improve. Euglena can also survive in the dark by storing paramylon granules in pyernoid bodies within the chloroplast.

Euglena is rich in nutrients and contains paramylon. Currently there is one Euglena product already in the market. The product contains Euglena, royal jelly, condroitin, and brewers yeast. The product is advertised as a dietary supplement, an antioxidant, and as a colon cleanser. Researchers are now looking into other possible uses of Euglena such as the application of the protists' paramylon as cosmetics, biodegradable film, and pharmaceuticals.
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みどりむし サプリ supplement medicine with Euglena
midorimushi sapuri
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バイオザイム -BIOZYME-


Food with Euglena ミドリムシ 食品

It lowers fat and cholesterol and is good for your health!

In a powder preparation it can be placed over white rice and eaten as a kind of chazuke, with hot green tea poured over the mix.

midorimushi beeguru みどりむしベーグル Euglena bagel

midorimushi kukkii みどりむしクッキ cookies from Euglena

midorimushi no tsukudani みどりむしの佃煮 tsukudani
Midorimushi boiled with soy sauce and sugar

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みどりむし舞昆海苔佃 tsukudani boiled with maikon nori
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舞昆じゃこ山椒 and shako

赤富士明太子舞昆 and mentaiko

一口椎茸舞昆 and shiitake

 舞昆しじみ貝 and shijimi clams


Worldwide use

Things found on the way


midorimushi -
the pond in Ueno
full of life

Watching some researchers taking out water with bristling midorimushi from the pond in Ueno, bringing it to their laboratory nearby and making new experiments for food products.

Gabi Greve, January 2010

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