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Doggy Bag

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doggii baggu ドッギーバッグ  doggy bag

It is quite mottainai to leave food on your plate, but to ask for a bag to carry it back home is not very popular either.

Only very few restaurants offer this kind of service.

Here is a new approach to it, in Japanese

doggybag japan

名称 : ドギーバッグ普及委員会
事務局所在地 : 〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山4-17-33 n-OM1ビル 2F
電話 : 03-5484-6049
理事長 : 山本 啓一郎

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This is a campaign in Tokyo.
You have to bring 15 pet bottle covers and get a doggy bag, where restaurants which participate will let you take home your leftovers.


Doggy bags slowly infiltrate Japanese dining scene
By Mayumi Saito

Diners do not flinch at the generally big portions served in U.S. restaurants. It’s not necessarily because they can finish but know that they can take leftovers home. If you ask for the same option at Japanese restaurants, however, most would refuse, citing the lack of boxes ready and fear of food poisoning.

Consider the agriculture ministry’s 2001 report that the customers’ leftovers constituted 58% of food waste at restaurants nationwide. In fiscal 2007, 11 million tons of food were reportedly discarded from the entire food industry, one of the highest figures among the industrial countries, despite Japan’s lowest self-sufficiency rate.
“Doggy bags are taken for granted in the U.S. and many parts of Asia. We wanted to spread the custom in Japan, too. People in this country used to take leftovers home after weddings just a few decades ago,” Miyazawa says.

Like-minded people founded non-profit organizations DoggyBag Committee in Tokyo in March and Doggybag Promotion Business Cooperatives in Saitama Prefecture in April last year. ReacJapan Co promoted their doggy bags together with the former group at events and festivals in Tokyo neighborhoods and beyond.

Thanks to their campaign efforts, now more than 200 restaurants carry reusable doggy bags and so do over 250 stores across the country. Large supermarket chain Ito Yokado Co’s 107 stores just started carrying the Reac Japan’s boxes in January, and the design company has shipped 85,000 boxes so far since their launch.
source : www.japantoday.com


Can doggy bags save the world?
The Japan Times Online
March 21, 2010

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