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Tateyama Stationlunch
TATEYAMA Ekiben Station lunchbox

Kujira bentoo
くじら弁当 Whale meat bento

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Whale meat has been eaten in the old province of Boso sinc olden times. The owner of the present shop, who makes the bento, has been eating it since childhood and tries to keep the taste "of his mother" for the bento.
The meat is first cooked and the scum taken off carefully, then it is simmered with sugar and soy sauce (Yamatoni, Yamato-ni 大和煮), adding shredded ginger and green shiso leaves to cover the raw taste of fish. Simmer for three hours at least and then let sit over night in the refrigerator.
Soboro "shredded whale meat" is also prepared with a special sauce.
The meat is put on the rice and in the middle a layer of scrambled egg to add some color. For a final touch, some of the sauce is poored over the whale meat.

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Whales, kujira 鯨


Tateyama station, CHIBA prefecture
JR 内房線・館山駅 Uchi Boosoo sen Main Line
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The station building is one of the 100 most beautiful ones in Japan,with its atmosphere of the mediterranean.

Tateyama town 館山 
Chiba prefecture

Tateyama (館山市, Tateyama-shi) is a city located at the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba 千葉, Japan. It lies at the mouth of Tokyo Bay, on the more easterly side.
Tateyama is unique and symbolic in Japanese history. Three days after the signing of the surrender papers to end World War II, American troops first set foot on Japanese soil at Tateyama. It marked the first time the nation had been successfully invaded by a foreign power.
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