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Shuzenji Stationlunch
Shuzenji Ekiben Station lunchbox
修善寺 駅弁

Ajizushi no ekiben あじ寿司 駅弁
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Since about 10 years the sushi shop Maizushi 舞寿し prepares a certain amout every day, according to the fresh fish from Suruga Bay they can get.
Made by Takeshi Hisako 武士ひさ子, her son and daughter in law.
The fish is marinated in salt for one day, then in a special vinegar mix for another day.

The vendor within the station

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horse mackerel, aji 鯵


Shuzenji station, Izu peninsula
Izu-Hakone line ・修善寺駅 , Shizuoka prefecture
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Shūzenji (修善寺) is a major hot spring town on the Izu Peninsula of Honshu, Japan.
Shuzenji temple has a small museum with some nice artefacts that are related to its founder, Kobo Daishi
In 2007, Shuzenji celebrated the 1200th anniversary of its founding. The original town was built around Shuzen-ji Temple, from which it gains its name. It is a pleasant little town with many hot spring hotels overlooking the river.

Tokko-no-yu. The historic spot where Shuzenji's springs were first discovered by Kobo Daishi. A small public rotenburo (open-air bath) in the middle of the town center — but it's not for bathing your whole body, only your feet!

Hakoyu is a cedar lined public bath built in 2000 by the tourist association. Also has a three story tower that gives a nice view over the roofline of the town.

Shuzenji Bairin is a plum garden park atop Mt. Daruma. In February the tourist association holds a plum blossom festival. It is a 20 minute walk (uphill) from Shuzenji temple.

Shuzenji's numerous gift shops feature fresh wasabi (and all manner of wasabi flavored foods), black rice, and locally made bamboo products such as baskets and kitchen utensils.
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Shuzen-ji 修善寺(しゅぜんじ)

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