Morning Market



Morning Market (asa ichi, asa-ichi)

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There are three great morning markets in Japan.

Nihon sandai asaichi 日本三大朝市

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Wajima Morning Market
Ishikawa prefecture
石川県 能登 輪島朝市
Noto peninsula

every day but not on days with 10 or 25.

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Wajima's morning market is said to originate in the Nara Period (710 - 784), and started when people living on the coastal side of Noto-hanto Peninsula and those living on the mountain side brought along their specialty products to exchange here.
As one of the attractions of Wajima City,the Wajima Morning Market opens every morning with about 200 stalls standing in a line on the main street of Kawai-machi over a distance of about350m between its ends. The market offers various products including fresh marine products landed at Wajima Port, allowing you to enjoy buying these products while conversing with local women selling them under a friendly atmosphere.
source : www.kanko-otakara.jp


Hida Takayama Morning Market
岐阜県 飛騨高山 朝市
Gifu prefecture
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Two morning markets (asaichi) are held in Takayama on a daily basis, from around 6 am (7 am in winter) to noon: the Jinya-mae Market in front of the Takayama Jinya, and the Miyagawa Market along the Miyagawa River in the old town. Most stands sell local crafts and farm products such as vegetables, pickles and flowers.
source : www.japan-guide.com


Katsuura Morning Market
Chiba prefecture

千葉県房総 勝浦朝市

every day, except wednesdays

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Only one hour and a half away from Tokyo at the southern part of Chiba peninsula. The market has a history of more than 400 years. A lot of tuna fish is handled there.

Worldwide use


Things found on the way


asaichi ni isomono ooshi kannazuki

at the morning market
there is a lot of seafood -
month without the gods

Mizuhara Shūōshi 水原秋桜子
WKD Mizuhara Shuoshi

WKD . The month when the Gods are absent . KIGO


Morning market
A salesman shakes the night snow
off the christmas trees

source : Felix Tammi / ULITKA

Related words

. abare ichi あばれ市 "wild sales market" .

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Unknown said...

Thank you for your sending pictures of Morning market,three big markets in Japan.
The air of the market suddenly blow into my room in Tokyo.
Smell of fresh fishes are coming up.
How nice!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Gabi san
I like Syuuoushi haiku
bow from Tokyo

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for visitin, Sakuo and Etsuko san!
Greetings from Okayama in the morning.

Gabi Greve - Issa said...

Kobayashi Issa

asa ichi no oohadanugi ya haru no ame

at morning market
he bares his chest...
spring rain

(Tr. David Lanoue)