Hirome seaweed



Hirome seaweed (hirome)

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hirome (ひろめ) 広布 / ヒロメ hirome-seaweed
Undaria undarioides
also called "wide" haba ハバ or antoku アントク
hirome is also the old name for konbu.

Harvested best from January to March.
It is softer than wakame.
kassoo hirome 褐藻ヒロメ brown algae

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This is a special seaweed (kaisoo 海草 ) of the wakame family that grows in warm currents of southern parts of Japan.
In Oita prefecture it is used to clean the bays after the dirt from aquafarms of flounders (hirame) are entered into the water. It is hung from long lines into the water. Very often awabi cling to it, so you have another delicacy.
It has a brownish color and is very wide, hence the name "wide cloth".

another name is
ebisume エビスメ(夷布)Ebisu-seaweed

In the town of Kamae 蒲江, Saiki 佐伯市 in Oita 大分県 prefecture it is used to prepare many dishes with.

When you put it into hot water, it turns bright green within a moment. It can then be eaten with soj sauce or ponzu, also a slice of the local flounder tasts good with it.

Also put in miso soup and as namasu-salad. Or as tempura.
Or eat it with tofu.

but best of all are the sweets made with this seaweed.
Ura sweets 浦(URA)スイーツ. 浦スイーツ
The local fishermen's wifes thought of it to get the kids eat the healthy seaweed.

daifuku balls with banana and the cooked seaweed

doonatsu ドーナツ doughnuts

mushipan 蒸しパン sweet bread and
agepan 揚げパン deep-fried bread with finely chopped seaweed

pafee  パフェ parfait with ice cream

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January 2009, Ura sweets competition


hirame 平目 (ひらめ) flounders
Oita Hirame 大分ヒラメ
They are grown in large tanks on land, with seawater running constantly over the fish, 1000 in one large tank. They are fed well and need a few years to grow about 1 kg before shipping. They have a lot of good flesh.
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They come fried or as sashimi or sushi.
蒲江のヒラメ Kamae no hirame, from the town of Kamae

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