Miyazaki (Miyasaki) 宮崎

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Miyazaki Prefecture (宮崎県, Miyazaki-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Kyūshū. The capital is the city of Miyazaki.
Old Hyuuga Province, Hyuga.

Miyazaki has a total area of approximately 7,734 km², and a population of 1,166,074 people. In addition to its year-round warm climate, Miyazaki's weather is among the best in Japan based on the amount of fine days, sunshine, and precipitation, due to the influence of warm currents off the coast.
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Specialities from Miyazaki
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Dishes from Miyazaki 宮崎料理
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Kobiru, cobiru, kobilu (こびる) 小昼  "small lunch", rural lunch
Takachiho village 高千穂こびる研究会

mango 宮崎マンゴ Mangoes
..... mangooshu マンゴー酒 mango liquor

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mango liquor from red sweet potatoes
From Kushima Town 串間市
The bottle is beautifully shaped and the colors of the box bring joy.

nikumaki 肉巻き, 肉巻きおにぎり
rice wrapped into a piece of meat
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sumiso, su miso 酢味噌 miso sauce with vinegar
often some white sesame is added.
This sauce is added to many dishes, noodles are dipped in it, so is raw white fish.
Plain fried unagi eel (suyaki) is also served with this sauce.
It helps digestion during the hot summer days.
Miyazaki is also the third largest producer of eel 宮崎うなぎ.

toshikasa mochi としかさ餅 mochi with sweetpotatoes
They are prepared in the old year, kept as offerings for the deities and are eaten in the new hear, hence the name "mochi gaining in years".
They are made from mochigome. Sweet potatoes are also put in the dough. The dough is plced on plates and topped with some sweet beans anko.

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