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Matsuzaka Beef

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Kansai Beef

The sweetness and softness peculiar to beef abundantly streaked with fine veins of fat are the reasons why Japanese beef is so popular. In the case of beef, too, water is important. Famous beef brands in Kansai are Mie Prefecture's Matsusaka beef, Fukui Prefecture's Wakasa beef, and Shiga Prefecture's Omi beef, and these cattle are raised in areas with ample natural water.

Matsusaka beef, for example, originated in the Tajima beef (tajimagyuu 但馬牛) of Hyogo Prefecture's Tajima area, a location blessed with beautiful mountain streams. Elsewhere, the central and southern parts of the Ise Plain where Matsusaka beef cattle are bred are supplied with natural mineral water from the watersheds of the Kumozu, Kushida and Miya Rivers, all flowing from the Nunobiki and Miune Mountains. Together with attentive breeding, carefully controlled nutrition and the environmental element, the noted water of the breeding habitat cannot be ignored.

Matsusaka beef: Mie

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Matsusaka beef (松阪牛, Matsusaka gyuu, also "Matsuzaka beef") is wagyu 和牛(Japanese beef) originating in the Matsusaka region of Mie, Japan. It is one of the most famous kinds of beef within Japan and internationally, containing a high fat-to-meat ratio.

Matsusaka beef is produced from virgin female cows chiefly born in Hyōgo Prefecture. The cows are raised in the quiet, serene area surrounding Matsusaka between the Kumozu River to the north and Miyagawa River to the south. Only female wagyu are raised in Matsusaka, where they are fed plenty of fodder, as well as tofu lees and ground wheat. When they have no appetite, they are fed beer to stimulate their eating, and they also receive regular massages with straw brushes after being sprayed with shōchū and are taken for daily afternoon walks.
Soothing music is played to the cattle to "calm" them and promote better quality beef. Matsusaka beef is considered by many in Japan to be superior to other Japanese wagyu beef, including the more internationally famous Kobe beef.
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There are strong regulations toward the definition of Matsuzaka beef.
A farmer buys a calf and brings it up for a certain time at his own ranch.
He takes a sip of shochuu liquor in his mouth and spits in on the fur of the cow after a walk through the fields. He then takes a brush and brushes the fur, against the hair, from low to top, to increase the blood circulation for better beef production.

Sometimes the animal gets a bottle of beer forced down its throat in summer, to help digestion and make it feel hungry for more food. It seems the animal likes the drink, though.

The cowshed is kept close to the family living quaters, so they can check the health of a cow at all times. The temperature of the horns gives the farmer a clue as to the health state of the animal. They are really treated as part of the family while they are there to fatten for the sale.

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