Kanagawa Prefecture

Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県, Kanagawa-ken) is a prefecture located in the southern Kantō region of Honshū, Japan. The capital is Yokohama. Kanagawa is part of the Greater Tokyo Area.
In medieval Japan, Kanagawa was part of the provinces of Sagami and Musashi.

There are some archaeological sites of Jōmon period (around 400 BC). About 3000 years ago, Mount Hakone made volcanic explosion and Lake Ashi on the western area of this prefecture.

It's estimated, Yamato Dynasty ruled this area from 5th century. In the ancient era, plains and damps were widely spread with few inhabitants.

Kamakura in central Sagami was the capital of Japan during the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

During the Edo period, the western part of Sagami Province was governed by the daimyo of Odawara Castle, while the eastern part was directly governed by the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo (Tokyo).

Yokohama Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in Japan (larger than Chinatowns in both Kobe and Nagasaki) and it is one of the largest in the world.
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Misaki is a fishing port where maguro tuna fish is landed.

fine local sake rice wines using highquality water and rice from Fuji and Tanzawa regions


Dishes from Kanagawa prefecture
神奈川 郷土料理

akamoku 鎌倉の新名産アカモク akamoku seaweed
from the sea off Kamakura
nagamo ナガモ "long seaweed"
It grows in shallow sea water and grows to seven meters long. It is a kind of "weed" in the waters off Kamakura, but in recent years young fishermen and cooks have promoted it to a new speciality, eaten in miso soup, in jelly-form and many others. It is even served in sophisticated dishes at the resort hotels.
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Ashigara Tea
From Tanzawa and Hakone.

butaniku 豚肉 pork dishes
Koza pork and Yamayuri pork
pork cutlet,pork rice bowl and pork with beanpaste
butaman in chinatown ブタまん
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パンダまん Butaman and Pandaman, Manju with meat
Panda Man
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Panda Pan ぱんだパン
Panda Soomen パンダそうめん from Ueno Zoo, Tokyo
Panda Bento パンダ弁当 Lunchboxes
Panda パンダラーメン Ramen Noodle soup
Panda Kamaboko パンダかまぼこ

Daibutsu manjuu 大仏まんじゅう / 大仏饅頭
Sweets from the Big Buddha, Kamakura
prepared with the dough of castella cakes
Hachimangu kawara senbei 鶴岡八幡宮 瓦せんべい
square senbei crackers
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dengaku unagi 田楽うなぎ eel with miso paste
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Kamakura hato saburee ハトサブレー sable bisquits in the shape of doves
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kenchinjiru, kenchin-jiru けんちん汁 vegetable soup with tofu
with daikon radish, carrots, satoimo, tofu and more.
First prepared by priest Rankei Dooryuu 蘭渓道隆 in the temple Kenchooji 建長寺 Kencho-Ji in Kamakura, at that time called Kenchooji-jiru, kenchojijiru 建長汁, hence the naming.
From there is spread (together with the Zen teachings) to other parts of Japan. Now also a speciality in Yamanashi.
The dashi soup is only made from boiling vegetables first fried in a bit of sesame oil. Later Tofu is torn in small pieces by hand and put into the broth.
This goes back to Rankei, who once in the kitchen saw a monk who had not taken care and his tofu had fallen on the hard kitchen floor and scattered. The monk wanted to throw it away, but Rankei said: "This would be a waste of food", picked up the pieces, washed them and put them in the broth. Now it has become part of the preparing process in the temple
Some say it is part of the Chinese temple cuisine, fucha ryoori 普茶料理 and should be written with the characters 巻繊汁 (けんちんじる).
Others prepare it with pork meat for the dashi soup.
Some use soy sauce, others miso for the final flavor.


Misaki Tuna "Maguro" from Misaki Town at the end of Miura peninsula
"kabuto yaki"(whole grilled tuna head)

Odawara "Kamaboko" Boild Fish Paste
Kamaboko (蒲鉾, かまぼこ) Fish paste, fish cake, ground fish on boards

Oyama Tofu Cuisine

Ramen Museum at Shin-Yokohama.

sanmaamen サンマーメン Ramen soup with vegetables
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shirasu しらす, shirasu don しらす丼 White-bait Rice Bowl
Fresh white-bait (young sardines) are used to make this rice bowl dish, which you can try in Enoshima and other parts of the Shonan region.
shirasu no kama-age しらすの釜揚げ boiled shirasu
... see . Shirasu from Hamamatsu, Hiratsuka and Kamakura

shirasu biiru はしらすビール beer with shirasu fish
from Enoshima

shuumai ekiben シュウマイ駅弁 lunchbox at the station

Tanzawa Soba
renowned for their firm texture

toroman トロまん / とろまん / トロ饅
Chinese bun with toro maguro fish meat
from Misaki 三崎まぐろ
ootoro and toro are the fat parts of a maguro.
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The fishing port of Misaki is appealing to tourists with this new invention.
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uiroo 外郎 / ういろう kind of jelly sweet

Worldwide use

Things found on the way


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中華街 ブタまん一つ 三百円
chuukagai butaman hitostu sanbyakuen

Chinatown -
one Pig Meatball
threehundred yen

Takahashi Kun 高橋くん
From a Children's page

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Pocky Panda

Chuka Ryori, chuuka ryoori 中華料理 Chinese Food
Chinatown 中華街 in Yokohama, Kobe and Nagasaki

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