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Samurai Cooking
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Samurai Cooking aims to put
Japanese cuisine into American hearts and homes

A TV cooking program focused on Japanese cuisine will start on a major U.S. network on Sunday, amid the ever-growing health craze in the United States.

Dubbed "Samurai Cooking,"
the 30-minute, monthly program on ABC
will chow down on California rolls in its first show prior to the Christmas party season, followed by sukiyaki, tempura, teriyaki, donburi, nabe and tonkatsu in subsequent shows.

Japanese food has gained a reputation overseas of being healthy, safe and delicious, and sushi is now a common sight in supermarkets in major cities around the world.

Samurai Cooking will now take a step into American homes and encourage foodies to try to learn to prepare Japanese dishes at home. The program is also aimed at changing stereotypical images of Japanese food, such as being too pricy, luxurious and aloof for the average American to enjoy.

Three Japanese women living in San Francisco -- Satoko Kuni, manager of a planning company, Matsuno Kuhara Patrick, engaged in cultural exchange activities through a nonprofit organization, and Yumi Sato, associate professor at a university -- were behind the launch of the TV program.

From Japan, food culture researcher and essayist Chieko Honma helped the three women. A one-time resident in the U.S. and a friend of Kuhara and others, Honma visited the Agriculture Ministry in Tokyo to gain support for their drive, while several Japanese food companies have decided to sponsor the TV program.

source :  Megumi Nishikawa, Mainichi Shimbun
December 7, 2008




Cooking program on NTT東日本
金本・J・ノリツグさん, アイドルの安めぐみさん
presents food that even men can do easily.

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