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Rice grains of wisdomCooking rice
Taking stock of basicsThe perfect dashi (stock)
A flavor-enhancer to be handled with careSoy sauce
A good reason to hit the saucePonzu joyu and Kotsu mushi
Ume, back in the pinkThe standard umeboshi: pickled plums
Savoring rewards of slow foodUmeboshi of variety

Hiyashi somen: the cool slurp of summerJapanese vermicelli with dipping sauce
I love you, I knead youUdon: wheat noodles made in the old-fashion way
The buckwheat starts hereHandmade soba noodles
A journey back to old 'new Japanese cuisine'Fried-and-pickled fish with onions and hot chili peppers

Gently add mom's miso, while stirring in humilityAka dashi: provincial miso soup
Hit the sweet spot with eel on the grillKabayaki: eels basted with sweet soy sauce
The king of mushrooms rules in fallSteamed matsutake mushroom in clear soup
Kakigori: a close shave doused in sweet syrupFrappe, Japanese style
May we live long on beans and riceSweet red bean soup with rice cakes
Cuts above appliance-aided cuisineDaikon salad

Kitchen tools that you can trustGoma dofu: tofu made from sesame
Grater expectationsTaro with grated daikon
Help heal the spirit with comfort foodJibu-ni: simmered vegetables in chicken stock
A new kama meshi treat every seasonKama meshi: garnished rice
Holy mackerel! That's quite a fish!Saba cooked in miso sauce
Salted mackerel will reel 'em in every timeSenba-jiru: Osaka's saba and daikon soup
Fresh every day of the weekSaba no kizushi: vinegared mackerel
The satisifying taste of less is moreChawan Mushi: steamed savory custard
We're talking real tofuAgedashi-dofu: deep fried tofu in broth

When everyone gets in on the actYose-nabe: pot stew cooked in a rich broth
The days of eating dangerouslyTecchiri nabe: blowfish in your pot
Kawatare: a fleeting taste of twilightKawatare nabe: chicken soup with soymilk
A hodgepodge that really hits the spotOden soup

Gearing up for the New YearMutsu no misozuke: miso marinated big-eye
Black beans for a fruitful new yearKuromame: sweetened black beans
Tazukuri: an acquired taste worth acquiringDry-roasted small sardines

Making Udon
For a little taste of home that's not from homeYakisoba: griddle-fried, sauce-flavored noodles
Quick kitchen revision before term beginsNigauri: a bitter tasting late-summer gourd
Well, for starters, there's the shira-aeHappo dashi: lightly seasoned catch-all stock
Let the seasons shine through aemonoMoyashi to mitsuba no goma-ae: sprouts and herbs with sesame dressing

Tataki : a tasty starter created in a flashMaguro no tataki: seared tuna with ponzu sauce
For that rare occasion, why not try conger eel?Hamo no bainiku zukuri: sea eel with ume-flavored dressing
Yes, you too can roll your own raw fish at homeIka no shiso-maki: raw squid and shiso rolls
Simmered veggies just like mama used to makeEbisu-nankin no nimono: boiled pumpkins
Ni-mono is a many-splendored comfort foodNishin no uma-ni: large Pacific herring simmered uma-ni style

Straight from the grill to the kitchen tableSanma no shio-yaki: salt-grilled fish
The fish, my friend, can be dried in the windSanma no mirin-boshi: fish mirin-based marinade and dried
A special sauce that can travel anywhereBuri no teriyaki: broiled yellowtail fillet with teriyaki sauce

Delicate pauses to refreshThree delicacies — karasumi, konowata and sea urchin
Many different ways to play the frying gameAmadai no agemono: fried horsehead
Rice vinegar is key to the pause that refreshesRenkon no acharazu: sweet 'n' sour lotus roots
Even classics can be improvedKaki no chawan mushi: egg dumplings with oyster
Rice works well as a finale or as the main eventOya-ko donburi: rice topped with simmered chicken and eggs
Ultra-sweet treats to round off a kaiseki feastKuzukiri no kuromitsu: chilled starch noodles in sweet sauce
Good home cooking in a category all by itselfChikuzen-ni: a traditional chicken and vegetable dish

Savor slow food in a fast-food worldFu no Dengaku: skewered wheat gluten with miso toppings
Warming noodles are just the ticketNyumen: warm somen noodle dish
Goodness gracious, great balls of riceO-musubi: rice balls
You win some, you lose someTempura
The air is clear and the food gives cheerGood pottery, beef and vegetarian fare at Kansai's Tamba region

Kazu no ko — an eggcellent winter delicacySalted herring roe
This will be the last slurp of the rest of your yearToshikoshi soba: year-crossing noodles
Starting at the root of Japanese cookingDaikon-daki: simmered radish
Daikon breathes life into dead of winterDaikon salad

It's not just tsukemono -- it's a responsibilityDaikon pickled in rice bran
Harnessing the preservative power of the sunAcharazuke: vinegar pickle of dried daikon
Are you ready to roll with the change on 'setsubun no hi'?Makizushi: traditional sushi rolls
Taste of a new season springs eternal in nanohanaNanohana (rape blossoms) dressed in mustard sauce

Mmmm . . . tastes like crabEbiimo no kani an-kake: taro root in crab sauce
Sansai-gayu : a porridge found further afieldRice gruel with mountain greens
A simple, elegant mix to celebrate girl powerChirashizushi: tossed sushi
Now's the perfect time to stalk up on wild udoUdo to awafu no kinome-ae: Udo leeks and gluten dressed with Japanese sansho pepper

In search of the hidden children of bambooWakatake-ni: simmered young bamboo
What squids shine in yonder bayHotaru-ika no karashimiso-ae: firefly squid in
Fancy a bowl of baby eels?Tosazu vinegar for salad
Savoring sweet memories of fallen blossomsSakura mushi: a steamed dish with sea bream
Watercress: a visitor welcome at any tableCresson in o-hitashi salad

Let us go fiddlehead foragin', but carefullyWarabi gohan: fern shoots in seasoned rice
Japan grows some mean beansHiyashi endo: snap peas in chilled broth
Now is the season to indulge your shellfish geneAsari to nappa no o-suimono: a clear clam soup with greens

High fives for the best kind of Japanese foodIri-zansho: sansho leaves steeped in soy sauce
Time is ripe for the taste of Old World fruitNasu no shio-momi: eggplant kneaded with salt
You say tomato, we say deliciousTomato salad with soy dressing
In a pinch, these will do just fineSawagani no amakara-ni: sweet and salty marsh crabs
Now here's some real food for thought . . .Yasai no Yoshino-ni: vegetables sauteed in Zen style
Big world sprouts from tiny grains of riceGenmai: brown rice

You too can take the natto challengeEating natto: fermented soy beans
Spice it up, with a little or a lot of heatAmanagato no amakara-itame: sweet and salty green chili
Rooting for the nutritious fruits of the earthBeni-zuiki no usukuchi-daki: simmered taro stalk
Fishing around for ready-to-eat street foodAyu no shio-yaki: grilled sweetfish
Great big balls of octopus — easy on the sauceTakoyaki: octopus dumplings
As you like it, and you willTon kyabetsu no okonomi-yaki: Japanese-style pancakes



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