Aisu ice cream


Ice cream, ice-cream, icecream (aisu)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Summer
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There are many flavors of icecream in Japan.

007 Kume icecream

aisukuriimu アイスクリーム ice cream

sofuto kuriimu ソフトクリーム soft cream

aisukyandii アイスキャンデー ice candy

kakigoori かき氷(かきごおり), shaved ice with flavor topping
Raspeleis, Wassereis


Nowadays we are lucky to buy ice cream at the local store, but in former times it took quite an effort to produce ice for the Shogun and an elite of rich and influential people.

Cutting ice from a clear lake and putting it into a storehouse (muro) to keep it for summer was vital during the times without electricity and refrigerators.

Lakes with especially clear water were protected and a Shinto shrine was usually close by to pray for the safe clear ice to send to the local lord or Shogun in Edo during the Summer months.

By the way
cutting ice 氷切る(こおりきる) koori kiru
is a kigo for late winter.

Read more about the custom of cutting ice and various rituals related to it during the Edo period.
. himuro 氷室 (ひむろ) icehouse, ice cellar
and more about cutting ice

Even nowadays simple shavings of ice covered with some sweet syrup (kakigoori かき氷)is a favorite with young and old in the hot summer months.


Now let us look at more ice flavors of Japan.

aisu korunetto アイスコルネット ice cornet,
Ice Cream Cornet
Cornet is a cone-shaped pastry, usually made of a wafer similar in texture to a waffle. The cone is then deep-fried. Soft cream is used.
originally from a store in Shizuoka prefecture.
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akamai aisu 赤米アイス red rice icecream
Saga, Kyushu

aroe sofuto kuriimu aisu アロエソフトクリーム soft cream, ice with aloe vera

basashi ice cream 馬刺のアイスクリーム
basashi aisu 馬刺しアイス
ice with raw horse meat flavor ... YES
Eis mit dem Geschmack von rohem Pferdefleisch !

burakku monburan ブラックモンブラン "black Montblanc" ice cream with chocolate cover
Speciality of Saga

chikutan aisu 竹炭アイス ice cream with bamboo coal
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From Otsu in Ehime prefecture and other regions

Hakata no shio aisu 伯方の塩 salt from Hakata, salt icecream
Some large crystals of the local salt are sprinkled on the ice cream.
Speciality of Ehime
Eis mit Salz

kabosu aisu カボスアイス with kabosu lime juice
speciality of Oita
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karee aisu
karee カレー curry and many curry dishes

Onnayama daikon aisu 女山大根アイス made from Onnayama radish
This radish has a red outside and is suitable to color food.
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sakuramochi aisu kuriimu 桜餅アイスクリーム
ice cream with sakura mochi taste
It is slightly pink and only sold during the cherry blossom season.
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senbei aisu せんべいアイス icecream with crushed senbei crackers
Eaten by the sumo wrestlers at Ryogoku, Tokyo.
Also nanbu senbei from Iwate filled with icecream, sometimes salt is added / shio senbei aisu 塩せんべいアイス.

shijimi aisu しじみアイス corbicula clam ice cream
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from Lake Juusanko in Aomori, a famous spot for shijimi clams.

sofutokuriimu ソフトクリーム softcream ice
From the fresh milk of Hokkaido.
Flavored with melon, lavender and others.

toomorokoshi aisu とうもろこしアイス with corn
Speciality of Oga peninsula, Akita
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yomogi aisu ヨモギアイス with mugwort
Speciality of Osorezan, Aomori
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Worldwide use

ice cream truck
kigo for summer in England and other areas
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in Deutschland

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やぎ乳アイス Ice from Goat's milk
笹尾山麓で関ヶ原名物 - speciality from Sekigahara