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food supply ship Mamiya 間宮

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The Mamiya (間宮) was a food supply ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy which was in service from the 1920s to the Second World War.

The Mamiya was originally meant to be an oil transporter but was instead outfitted to be a food supply ship. The Navy sent her to the Kawasaki Shipbuilding Yard where she was fitted with facilities for carrying enough food for 18,000 men over three weeks, and kitchens to produce large quantities of food including yōkan, manjū, tofu, and konyaku.
A number of chefs and pastry chefs were employed aboard and she became part of the Combined Fleet.

Service in Pacific War
Already old by the outbreak of war, she continued to be part of the navy's operations in the Pacific. On 12 October 1943, she was damaged by the US Navy submarine USS Cero near Chichi-jima, and on 6 May 1944, was again damaged by USS Spearfish in the East China Sea. In both cases she was repaired and returned to service. The food supply ship was torpedoed and damaged in the South China Sea (17°48′N 114°09′E) by USS Sealion ( United States Navy). She was torpedoed again and sunk (17°48′N 114°09′E) on the 21st by USS Sealion.

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yookan - ようかんを一本丸ごとかぶりつく人なんているのでしょうか?(もしかしたらいるかもしれませんが・・・)

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エピソード1 海に浮かぶスイーツ艦

エピソード2 待ってました!お菓子船
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Irako (伊良湖) was a Japanese food supply ship,
serving during the Second World War. Constructed for the transport of food-stuffs, the Irako was eventually commissioned for other roles, including troop transport, munitions transport, and Pacific survey missions. Serving throughout the entirety of the Second World War, the Irako was eventually salvaged for metal, and used for public housing projects in Japan. The crew of the Irako is honored, along with many other seamen, in Tokyo, Japan.

The ship was named for Cape Irago, at the tip of Atsumi Peninsula in Aichi prefecture.

She was intended to supplement the Combined Fleet's existing food supply ship Mamiya. Her design was similar to that of Mamiya, but she was smaller. Her warehouse was able to supply 25,000 men over two weeks. A sister ship, Kusumi, was planned in 1942 under the Modified 5th Naval Armaments Supplement Programme, but construction was cancelled after the start of the Solomon Islands campaign.
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Mamiya Yokan lasts for 2 years as edible, thanks to sugar-rich breakdown.

. Jelly Bean Cake (mizu-yookan 水羊羹) .

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