inoshishi wild boar 2013


inoshishi 猪 wild boar 2013

Botannabe 牡丹鍋 (ぼたんなべ) Wild boar stew
lit. "peony stew".
shishinabe 猪鍋(ししなべ)、inoshishinabe いのしし鍋
"whale of the mountain", yamakujira 山鯨(やまくじら)
kigo for winter


. WKD : Wild Boar (inoshishi 猪) .


Wild boars have become a huge problem in many regions of Japan, some even come down to Kobe city and roam the streets, hurting people, destroying crops . . .

- quote
Deer a pest said best served as local delicacy
To reduce the damage done to the environment by birds and other animals, major security company Alsok began a monitoring service this summer in which people helping hunters are notified by email when something lands in their traps.
Certified hunters have been setting traps to catch boar, deer and other pesky animals and then selling the trapped animals, but checking the traps is usually done by local residents.
Securing such manpower is not easy in mountainous areas, where young people are scarce.

Alsok began selling a monitoring device Aug. 1 that sends an email to nearby residents when an animal is ensnared.
“We thought the sensor technology we developed in our security business would be useful for vermin control,” Kiichi Fukuda of Alsok said.

. . . Wild boar is considered a delicacy and the meat is often sold to high-class restaurants.
Not so with venison, however. Only 20 to 30 percent of deer meat makes it to human dinner tables, according to estimates.

. . . Hideharu Ishizaki, who operates the Ezo Shi Cafe in the Sangenjaya district in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, said deer from Hokkaido have more meat than their Honshu counterparts.
Some 10 to 15 kg of meat can be utilized for food from a Honshu deer, whereas the typical Hokkaido deer yields 25 to 40 kg. This makes the meat of Hokkaido deer, which can regularly be found in supermarkets across the prefecture, about ¥1,000 cheaper per kilogram.

. . . Based in Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture, Tanba Hime Momiji processes and sells deer meat. President Masao Yanagawase . . . Masahito Yamazaki, director of Mitaya Sohonke, which processes and sells high-quality meat, including ham and sausage, joined Yanagawase and Maekawa in their mission to promote venison . . . In addition, Maekawa founded EG Cycle, which makes and sells dog food containing venison.

. . . Advance Co., which operates a chain of restaurants in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture, began offering deer curry for ¥880, more expensive than regular curry, in May 2010.
Advance is a franchisee of curry restaurant chain CoCo Ichibanya.

. . . the nonprofit organization Companions in Metasequoia Forest, which promotes outdoor activities in Gujo, Gifu Prefecture, . . .Go Nagayoshi of the NPO

. . . Inoshikacho uses the meat from these animals to make jerky

. . . Mari Hayashi operates the Ai deer cooking school in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture,

. . . “We should create groups of experts who can do everything from hunting to forest management,” Gifu University professor Masatsugu Suzuki said.
- source : www.japantimes.co.jp


- source : matsue.mypl.net/shop

Ezo Shi Cafe エゾシカフェってなんですか?
- source : ezoshicafe.q-easy.jp

Tanba Hime Momiji - 丹波鹿 - 丹波姫もみじ
- source : tanba2005.co.jp

Advance Co - Curry and Smile Co. アドバンス鹿カレー物語
- source : group-adv.com

Coco Ichibanya
- source : ichibanya.co.jp

InoShika MetaMori メタセコイアの森
- source : musublog.jp/blog/metamori

InoShikaChoo ジビエ料理「猪鹿鳥料理」
- source : ino-shika-cho.jp

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Gabi Greve said...

Kobayashi Issa

shishi kuma to tonari-zukara ya fuyugomori

boars and bears
are my neighbors...
winter seclusion

Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

Ta no Kami, Tanokami 田の神 God of the Rice Fields
and inoko 亥の子 / イノコ the "young wild boar"

Tanokami is also called inokami, i no kami 亥の神 God of the Boar

. inoko, i no ko 亥の子 (いのこ) young wild boar .

observance kigo for early winter
and more legends

Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

Legend from Kagoshima
曽於郡 Soo district
Once upon a time
a hunter wanted to shoot a wild boar, but hit Yamanokami instead. He soon became ill and died.
Yamanokami is a woman wearing beautiful robes, they say.