Wasara dishes


Wasara dishes

ワインカップ wine cup
コーヒーカップ coffee cup
角皿・丸皿 plates and many more

The organic forms that can be accepted comfortably and the texture that gives a handcrafted feel are functional beauty rooted in the Japanese custom of holding dishes as we eat

source : www.wasara.jp

is a japanese company making disposable dishes from paper. these paper dishes are made from reed pulp and sugar cane waste making them a more eco-friendly option than standard paper plates.
separating themselves further from the average disposable dishes, wasara dishes boast a unique simplicity that is thoroughly japanese. the elegant shapes are subtle and specifically designed for holding in your hands, for events like cocktail parties.
source : www.designboom.com

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'siwa' paper products by naoto fukasawa for onao

source : www.designboom.com

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