Asian Food Regulation Information Service


Asian Food Regulation Information Service

Welcome to Asia's first comprehensive food regulation website.

This website aims to create a database for food regulations across Asia. It is a big task given the fact that a lot of the Food Acts, regulations and standards are not easily obtainable. Understanding food laws and related issues will not only enable companies to maintain regulatory compliance but also keep track of consumer related issues.

Our geographical area of coverage is from Pakistan to Japan, from Mongolia to Timor. Some countries within this area may have very limited or no food laws but are still listed in our menu bar. Over time, we believe, this will change and we shall be ready to list their food laws alongside their neighbours.

Where we are able and the regulations are in English, we shall provide the documents free of charge. For those laws and regulations that are not in English and need to be translated or are not easily accessible, we charge a fee.

As of January 2011, we have nearly 1000 documents listed on this website. Yet this is by no means comprehensive and we shall continue to upload documents as we grow. So in order to make this website a success, we need your feedback. Please see our SERVICES page for additional, specialised services we provide.



Asia - Japan

Withdrawal of 80 Food Additives from List of Existing Food Additives. - 18/05/2010

List of GM Products having undergone safety assessment and listed in the official Gazette - 12/05/2010

List of GM Products under consideration - 15/04/2010

Development of Imported Food Monitoring & Guidance Plan for FY 2010 - 29/03/2010

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