Suzuki Sea Bass


Sea bass (suzuki)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Various, see below
***** Category: Animal / Humanity


Sea bass 鱸(すずき)Japanese sea bass
Japanese sea bream, Japanese sea perch
Lateolabrax japonicus . Meerbrasse

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SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass)
inhabit seashores and estuaries. Many Japanese cities have developed near these places since ancient times. Suzuki have shiny white flesh with an easily recognizable broad-flaked structure and a mild flavor. They have traditionally been one of the most popular targets for Japanese anglers. In the Kanto area, including Shizuoka Prefecture, it is called Seigo when under 25 cm. At 3 years of age, when it has attained a length of near 60 cm, it is called Fukko or Suzuki.
Because their name changes as they grow, the Japanese have associated it with advancement in life and believe that SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass) is a luck-bringer fish.

Like hirame flounder, suzuki makes an elegant paper-thin sashimi, suzuki usu zukuri, which is as pleasant to pronounce as it is to eat. Suzuki sashimi is often served with ponzu, a citrus-flavored mild soy sauce, or served in the summertime on a bed of ice cubes with tangy shiso leaf and a scattering of red pepper flakes.
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humanity kigo for spring

. torimochi ajiro 鳥持網代 ( とりもちあじろ / 鳥持ち網代)
hunting fish in traps with the help of water fowl

fishing for sea bass, sea bream and others


humanity kigo for all summer

. arai suzuki 洗鱸(あらいすずき)  
arai preparation, "washing fish" for raw consumption


animal kigo for all autumn

suzuki 鱸 (すずき) sea bass
..... koppa 木っ葉(こっぱ)
..... seigo せいご, bukko ふっこ

kawasuzuki, kawa suzuki 川鱸(かわすずき)
sea bass swimming upriver

umisuzuki, umi suzuki 海鱸(うみすずき)
sea bass in the open sea

suzukitsuri, suzuki tsuri 鱸釣(すずきつり)fishing for sea bass
suzukiami, suzuki ami 鱸網(すずきあみ)net for fishing suzuki

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humanity kigo for all autumn

. Suzuki namasu 鱸膾 (すずきなます)
vinegared sea bass


animal kigo for early winter

ochi suzuki 落鱸 (おちすずき) sea bass coming down
futobara suzuki 太腹鱸(ふとばらすずき)
"sea bass with a big belly"
..... harafuto はらふと "big belly "


animal kigo for all winter

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okisuzuki, oki suzuki 沖鱸(おきすずき)Ara
Niphon spinosus
..... ara あら
..... ara 阿羅(あら)
araami, ara-ami あら網(あらあみ)net for ara fishing

It grows about 80 cm in length. It is bigger than normal suzuki, but has less scales.
Small ones are fished with nets, larger ones with one line, especially in Kochi. They are quite delicious, but usually eaten in the region and not sold in markets.

Worldwide use

Things found on the way

One of the seven tastes of Lake Shinjiko
Specialities of Lake Shinjiko 宍道湖


sea bass and beltfish
crowd the buyer's eyes -
bountiful catch

Willie Bongcaron. Philippines 2008

Fish market in Manila . Haiku

Related words

***** . "Career Fish", promoting fish (shusse-uo 出世魚)
fish that change their name as they grow larger.

***** . Tilapia from the Philippines




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Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

Legends from Edo
Tokaiji Nana Fushigi 東海寺七不思議 and 沢庵和尚 priest Takuan

片身の鱸 / 片身のスズキ A sea brass with one eye.

Once priest Takuan went to the kitchen and found the cook preparing a sea brass, having cut out one eye already. Takuan took the poor animal, shouted a powerful 「喝! "KATSU!" at it and threw it back in the pond. The fish soon regained its strength and stayed at the back of the pond, protecting the waters and the temple.