Tsuyama B Grade Gourmet


Grade B Gourmet Meeting in Tsuyama

March 20 / 21, 2010 in Tsuyama town, Okayama

B Kyu Gurume .. Festa in Tsuyama

B Kyu Gurume is the buzzword of Japan these days.
It means cheap local food, served in local restaurants. They have now banded together and make Japan-wide events like this one to sample regional dishes. There is also a prize to be won for the best gourmet dish.

36 B grade gurmet in Tsuyama

This turned out to be quite an event!

Just the logistics were impressive. The roads on one-way trafic only, frequent buses running from the station and parking lots in the area (some about 6 km further south of the main event area), nearby people selling their front yards for parking for as much as 1000 yen (about 10 dollars) ...
Rows of extra toilets and tank rolleys on many spots to provide extra water.
Electricity generators humming everywhere.
Police patrols and guards everywhere, to make sure the car traffic was smooth around the area.

Blessed with extra warm spring weather, it was really a day to spend there with the family. The beautiful mountains gave the whole colorful space a great feeling of spring and bubbeling life !

08 17 stalls with specialities

. LOOK at the photos
from Nr. 1 to Nr. 25 !

The food was actually not really cheap.

For a simple burger with real beaf from nearby Nagi village we payed 400 yen (about 4 dollars !)

and a small sandwich with a cutlet (not even a letuce leaf was added) was as much as 700 yen !

23 boiling noodles in huge pots

07 looks delicious

People waiting in long lines just to get a bite !

18 more waiting in line

It was well worth the experience !

All the smells mixed in the area, smiling people, crying babies, happy families,
and then to decide what to sample next ...

A friend called in the evening telling us there were more than

65.000 people attending today !

Whow, and how about tomorrow ?
They are expecting the same number!

Sunday morning, 21 of March

We had a terrible storm and got a lot of yellow sand from the Gobi desert.
I hope things will go smooth today !

Despite the hard night, there were again many visitors.
In fact, the newspaper reported

150.000 visitors on two days ! ! !

That is 50.000 more than expected, and all wanted to eat well.

There were three different main grounds
with 54 different offers of regional food:

28 stalls on the Southern Ground,
17 stalls on the Northern Ground
7 stalls on the Hamburger Ground
8 stalls on the local ground

Some people had to wait more than four hours on the second day to reach the front of the waiting line of favorite food stalls.

On the walk between the grounds there was another set of 55 stalls selling local specialities from Tsuyama town.

作州お肉まつり Meat from the Sakushu region


Some specialities

the official Japanese website

botanbachijiru ぼたんバチ汁 from 美作市
with wild boar meat and local miso paste

kimuoko キムオコ kimchee okonomiyaki from 吉備中央町


風薫る B級グルメの二日間
kaze kaoru - bii kyuu gurume no futuska-kan

fragrant spring breeze ...
two days of local gourmet
food tasting

Gabi Greve, March 2010

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Grade B Gourmet

B Class Gourmet from Okayama prefecture

***** WASHOKU : Regional Japanese Dishes



Isabelle said...

Great event and a wonderful report. Must have been delicious too... !

anonymous said...

岡山市 おかやまデミカツ丼   
倉敷市 蛸(たこ)塩焼そば   
倉敷市 ぶっかけうどん   
倉敷市 元祖・倉敷バーガー   
津山市 津山そずり鍋   
笠岡市 笠岡ラーメン   
井原市 井原線明治ごんぼうバーガー   
総社市 玉どうふ(古墳ぜんざい)   
総社市 総社の肉の串焼き   
新見市 千屋牛バーガー   
新見市 千屋牛の炭火焼バーベキュー   
新見市 千屋牛ラーメン   
備前市 ちんめいだこまん   
備前市 カキ丼   
備前市 備前バーガープレミアム   
備前市 備前カレー   
備前市 シャコ丼   
美作市 猪カレー   
美作市 しし肉ラーメン   
美作市 ぼたんバチ汁   
早島町 ソーセージホットドッグ・
鏡野町 かがみの田舎カレー   
奈義町 21塾横仙手打そば   
久米南町 はすバーガー   
美咲町 たまごかけごはん   
吉備中央町 BIG吉備高原キムチバーガーキング   
吉備中央町 キムオコ   
新庄村 牛餅丼

anonymous said...


青森県 八戸せんべい汁 八戸せんべい汁研究所
秋田県 横手やきそば 横手やきそば暖簾会
埼玉県 行田ゼリーフライ 行田ゼリーフライ研究会
神奈川県 厚木シロコロ・ホルモン 厚木シロコロ・ホルモン探検隊
神奈川県 三崎まぐろラーメン 三浦中華料理研究会
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岐阜県 おくみのツインカレー 奥美濃カレー協同組合
岐阜県 各務原キムチ鍋 キムチ日本一の都市研究会
静岡県 富士宮やきそば 富士宮やきそば学会
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島根県 さざえカレー 海士町
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高知県 鍋焼きラーメン 須崎名物「鍋焼きラーメン」
福岡県 小倉発祥焼うどん 小倉焼うどん研究所