UPDATE Tofu from Saga, Kyoto



UPDATE Tofu from Saga


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SAGA 嵯峨 in Kyoto 

toofu 豆腐 bean curd
Saga is famous for its various bean curds.

Saga doofu 嵯峨豆腐 Tofu from Saga

mukashidoofu むかし豆腐
old-fashioned tofu (touhu)

Made by the shop Morika 森嘉(もりか)near Shakado Hall (Seiryo-ji Temple).
It is made with sumashi-ko すまし粉), sekko, a kind of calcium sulfate instead of nigari. This dates back to a time after the war when they could not get any real nigari and had to find a substitute.
The store uses only the old equipment and all is made by hand.
Kawabata Yasunari was fond of this hard tofu.

. Kawabata Yasunari 川端康成 Yasunari Kawabata .

Morika no karashidoofu からし豆腐 tofu with mustard flavor


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***** Kyoto, the Old Capital of Japan


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