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Sailors Jabu-Jabu (kako no jabujabu)

***** Location: Ushimado, Japan
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kako no jabujabu 水夫のじゃぶじゃぶ sailor's jabu-jabu

kako is an old word meaning sailor, seaman.
ka is from kaji 梶(かじ), oar, stirring oar
ko is from kogu こぐ【漕ぐ】 to row a boat

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This is a local dish from the port town of Ushimado 牛窓, Okayama prefecture.

The minced meat of fish together with its bones, especially some local types of flatfish, is used.
geta no kuzushi ゲタのくずし(骨ごとのミンチ)
Radish, carrots, konnyaku and other ingredients like sugar, soy sauce, a sip of ricewine are added to a kind of thick soup which is poored over cooked rice.
(a kind of bukkake gohan ぶっかけご飯).
The minced fish meat is first fried with a bit of oil and later some spring chrysanthemums (shungiku) are added for a green touch and view. All is then flavored with a lot of wasabi, green horseradish.

The seamen had to eat this very fast inbetween work, so they slurped it, making the sound jabu jabu jabu.

In a try to revive this food and do something about the dwindling population of Ushimado, this dish is now cooked for the monthly meeting at the beach (Ushimado Date 牛窓デート) where people come together on the beach, sing and maybe dance and enjoy local dishes.
It is hoped this will also attract tourists.

I saw this on local TV last night. Everybody seemed to have a good time singing and eating on the beach. It was quite a warm day for February.


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