Aloe vera


Aloe vera (aroe)

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aroe no hana アロエの花 aloe flowers
... hana aroe 花アロエ aloe flowers

Between the fleshy leaves a stem comes out with beautiful red flowers.
In Japan kidachi aroe 木立アロエ is most common.
It blooms from November till February.

Some saijiki do not list ALOE as a kigo.

It grown in Southern areas, mostly in Okinawa.

Aloe vera アロエベラ


Aloe vera, also known as the medicinal aloe,
CLICK for more information is a species of succulent plant that probably originated in Northern Africa, the Canary islands and Cape Verde. Aloe vera grows in arid climates and is widely distributed in Africa and other arid areas. The species is frequently cited as being used in herbal medicine.

In India, the plant is known as Ghritkumari or Gheekvar and in Pakistan,the plant is known as Quargandal and is used in Ayurvedic medicine.

In Tamil nadu, Aloe vera is known as katraazhai and hit has also a pet name kumari. Since use of Aloe vera extends one's longevity it has that pet name. The pulp is used extensively in Siddha medicines for treating constipation, enlargement of spleen, zymotic disease, chengamaari (a type of venereal infection) etc.

Aloe vera leaves when cut exude two fluids, with differing effects and properties. The yellow/green sap predominantly exuded wherever the green surface of the leaf is cut is an irritant. This contains the latex-like compound, aloin. On the other hand, the transparent fluid exuded by the inner leaf wherever it is cut or crushed, is soothing and said to promote healing.

Aloe vera has a long association with herbal medicine, although it is not known when its medical applications were first discovered.
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aroeburo, aroe-buro アロエ風呂 bath with aloe extract
is quite popular.

Aloe from Okinawa is mostly produced for cosmetics, but a lot is also eaten, see below.
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The following are not kigo.

Dishes with Aloe アロエ料理

(mostly served in the winter months)

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aroe cha アロエお茶 aloe tea

aroe gyooza アロエギョーザ aloe gyoza dumplings

aroe juusu アロエジュース juice from aloe

aroe karee アロエカレー aloe curry

aroemen アロエ麺 noodles with aloe

aroe purin アロエプリン pudding with aloe

aroe sashimi アロエ刺身 raw aloe slices
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aroe sushi アロエのお寿司 sushi rice with aloe
a kind of nigirizushi

aroe sofuto kuriimu aisu アロエソフトクリーム soft cream ice with aloe
It has a rather green color.
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aroeshu アロエ酒 liquor from aloe

aroe tenpura アロエ天ぷら aloe tempura

aroe yooguruto アロエヨーグルトyoghurt with aloe
Quite popular in all Japan.
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aroe no hachimitsuzuke アロエの蜂蜜漬け
aloe pickled in honey
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aroe no su no mono アロエの酢の物
aloe salad with vinegar dressing

Worldwide use


neat plantation--
a muddy bucket filled
with aloe vera

Jescah Auma
Kenya Haiku Forum

. Aloe plants in Kenya
Aloe graminicola
Aloe rabaiensis
Aloe secundiflora
Aloe volkensii

Things found on the way


hoshidaikon hosori kittari aroe saku

dried radish
cut ever so finely -
aloe blossoms

Kiyozaki Toshiroo 清崎敏郎 (1922 - 1999)


aroe saku yue ni majikashi ama shuuraku

aloe blossoms
therefore it is also near
the hamlet of diving women

Takazawa Ryooichi 高澤良一


uncluttered blue skies
greet subdued september --
healing tear of aloe

- Shared by Caroline Cecile -
Joys of Japan, August 2012

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Okinawa Dishes 沖縄料理


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