SWEETS Western Japan


Sweets from Western Japan

Süßigkeiten aus West-Japan (# Westjapan)
西日本 スイーツ

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bataa keeki バターケーキ  butter cake, Butterkuchen
hassaku daifuku はっさく大福 Mochi with hassaku mandarin juice
nejiripan, nejiri pan ねじりパン "twisted bread". gedrehtes Brot

momiji manjuu もみじまんじゅう / もみじ饅頭
manju in the form of maple leaves
Made with honey and kanten.
Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima Island 宮島.
The island is famous for its famous maple forests, which turn all red in autumn. Momiji is a pattern on many souvenirs from this island.The famous shrine is a world heritage site.
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Manju in der Form von Ahornbälttern

oogon no purin 黄金のプリン golden pudding
made from good fresh milk of Utatane no Sato うたたねの里, Asehira Highlands 高原安瀬平
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Goldener Pudding

sakamichi no machi 坂道の街
"from the town with many steep paths"
chou cream puff シュークリーム , filled with red bean tsubuan.
Onomichi is a small town with many steep sloping roads and stone steps.
Windbeutel mit rotem Bohnenmus

sake kasutera 酒カステラ castella cake with ricewine
Ho no kaori 穂の香 "fragrance of the rice ears"
made with local eggs and honey. and local sake form Saijo town 安芸西条の酒
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Spanischer Kastenkuchen mit Reiswein


millet dumplings 黍団子(きびだんご) kibi dango (Hirsekloß)
Momotaro tomato amanatto トマト甘納豆 Sweet tomatos with a sugar coating
tomato serii トマトゼリー jelly from Momotaro sweet tomatoes

028 momotaro kibidango
岡山銘菓 ・岡山スイーツ
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ekubo no okashi ichima えくぼのお菓子いちま
"cake with dimples"
wafers filled with tsubuan red bean paste
From Ichima, Tsuyama town
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hakutoo serii 白桃 ゼリー jelly from hakuto peaches
Okayama is famous as growing area of these peaches.
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. . . hakutoo pafee 白桃パフェ parfait ice with peaches
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. . . hakutoo pione kyarameru 白桃とピオーネ生キャラメル
hakutou kyarameru, caramel bonbons with peach or grape flavor
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Gelee mit Pfirsischen

Hiruzen sweets 蒜山スイーツ
from the milk of the Jersy cows ジャージー in Hiruzen Highlands
Puddings, icecream, vanilla puffs, chocolate and more
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Kibi Omote 吉備おもて
"Masks from Kibi"
Kibi is the name of the area, former Sanyo no kuni (including Bizen, Bitchu, Bingo and Mimasaka), full of old legends and Kagura religious dances with masks.
This is a castella cake dough, filled with an red bean paste.
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kome no naru ki 米のなる木 "a tree becomes rice"
a cooki-senbei-cracker
made in memory of an old song of the Edo period, which is of the area. Crisply baked with a soft inside.
made in the form of a naruko 鳴子 clapper
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watashi ya, Bizen no Okayama sodachi
kome no naru ki o mada shiranu

I am born and grew up in Bizen, Okayama
I still do not know a tree that becomes rice

Okayama rooru 岡山ロール roll cake from Okayama
ロールケーキ / 岡山ロール醤油
made with rice flour. Soy sauce is used in the butter cream and in the dough.
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takasebune yookan 高瀬舟 羊羹
yookan jelly in the form of flat river ships
These ships were used to navigate the three great rivers of Okayama far into the mountains, and have a history of more than 700 years. From Katsuyama, the precious metals form Izumo area and Iwami Ginzan where shipped downriver.
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Yookan in der Form eines Flußschiffes


 WASHOKU : SHIMANE, Izumo, Matsue  
kataramochi かたら餅(かしわ餅) rice cakes wrapped in special leaves, like kashiwa mochi
Mochi in Eichenblatt gewickelt

The Tea Ceremony of Matsudaira Fumai in Matsue
(松平治郷) (1751-1818) Fumai-Ko
is closely connected with many famous sweets.
Matsudaira Fumai, Izumo Tea Master

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dandanmanjuu だんだんまんじゅう, だんだん饅頭 "thank you manju"
White rice cakes . Inside is an, sweet red bean paste.
On top are three red adzuki beans, symbolizing the three pillars of the Grand Shrine of Izumo, which are famous for bringing together couples (enmusubi 縁結び ).
from Fukudaya, Matsue 福田屋
It goes back to the time of Matsudaira Fumai.
In the dialect of Izumo, dandan means arigatoo,thank you.
Enmusubi ... bringing together happy couples and Daruma

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Gegege no Kitaroo senbei ゲゲゲの鬼太郎せんべい rice crackers with the manga figure Kitaro
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Genjimaki, Genji-maki 源氏巻 "Genji-Rolls"
a kind of pancake wrapped around sweet beans paste.
Named after the Genji Monogatary Story of Prince Genji.
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from Tsuwano 津和野, an old castle town in San-In on the border to Yamaguchi.
Made from an paste in three different colors from light to dard red-brown, from selected quality beans. Honey and condensed milk are also used for the dough.
They have the auspicious form of small gold coins of the Edo period (koban 小判)
Their history goes back to the Genroku period. They helped the Lord of the domain, Kamei Korekachi, to get out of trouble with Kira Kozukenosuke (you know this one from the story of the 47 ronin), so these sweets are also auspicious.
この時、家老の多胡が上野介に取り入るために使った進物、「小判包みの形のお菓子」が源氏巻の原型になったと言うことです。 困難を切り抜けることが出来たとても縁起の良いお菓子で贈り物に最適です。

. Tsuwano 津和野町 Tsuwano Festivals .

ikasumi senbei イカスミせんべい
rice crackers with the ink of squid
Oki no shima Island 隠岐の島
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Cracker mit Tintenfisch-Tinte.


Izumo no okashi 出雲のお菓子 Sweets from Izumo
Izumo no dagashi 出雲駄菓子 cheap sweets from Izumo

yuzu no satoozuke 柚子の砂糖漬け
yuzu jelly coated with sugar.
with kanten to harden the sweet.
(see photo)

hachimitsu soramame 蜂蜜そら豆
fava beans with honey coating
Saubohnen mit Honig
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mameitatoo, mame-ita too 豆板糖
soybean candy bar
made from cooked soybeans or adzuki beans, in a flat shape and rolled in sugar. Kanten is often used to harden it.
This sweet has been intoduced in the Meiji period. Sometimes brown sugar is used for coating.
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kurimanjuu, kuri manjuu 栗まんじゅう / くりまんじゅう manju rice cakes with finely ground sweet chestnut filling
Famous tea ceremony sweets from Matsue
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Manju mit Esskastanien

roppooyaki 六方焼
"cubed rice cakes"
tea ceremony sweet from Matsue
Whereas manju are steamed balls of pounded rice, the roppoyaki are in the form of a cube.

wakakusa 若草 "fresh green" tea sweets
from Matsue, Saiun-Do 彩雲堂 
They were well loved by Teamaster Matsudaira Fumai-Ko.
They are the most representative tea sweet of Matsue.
Made from kanbaiko flour かんばい粉/ . 寒梅粉
Kanbaiko is a kind of flour made from fresh mochigome of the season, made in the season when the "plums in the cold" (kanbai かんばい【寒梅】 ) are blossoming. The rice grains are steamed, then dried and afterwards grind to flour. It is used for high-quality sweets.
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(kanbai 寒梅 (かんばい)plums in the cold, a kigo for late winter.)
mijinko みじんこ【微塵粉】 is similar to kanbaiko.



鳥取 スイーツ Tottori sweets. . . CLICK here for Photos !

Daisen Mirukubatake aisu 大山みるく畑 アイス icecream
Ice cream with the flavors of vanilla, strawberries, blueberry and macha green powdered tea.
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. . . Daisen miruku nama kuriimi daifuku みるく生クリーム大福
Inside the mochi is plenty of fresh milk in the vanilla creme
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Eis und Pudding von Daisen Mirukubatake Farm.

kuromame amanatto 黒豆甘納豆 sugar-glazed black beans
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Glasierte schwarze Bohnen

kuromame pan 黒豆パン bread with black beans
small sweet buns, Stückchen. They are a treat at many local wayside stations and highway stopovers.
Many varieties are available:
. . . kuromame amanattopan 黒豆甘納豆パン with sugar-glazed black beans
. . . kuromame anpan 黒豆あんパン with red bean paste
. . . kuromame genmai pan 黒豆玄米パン with brown rice
. . . kuromame kinako pan 黒豆きなこパン with soybean flour
. . . kuromame konomi pan 黒豆木の実パン with nuts
. . . kuromame kurosato pan 黒豆黒糖パン with brown sugar
. . . kuromame macha pan 黒豆抹茶パン bread with green powdered tea flavor
. . . kuromame mushi pan 黒豆蒸しパン steamed bread buns
kuromame no pankashi 黒豆のパン菓子 sweets with black bean bread

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genmaigohan no senbei 玄米ごはんのせんべい senbei made from brown rice
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kenkoo genmai senbei 健康玄米煎餅 for your health
also with salt flavor 塩味

haruru no shi 晴るるの詩 ricecake "poem of a fine day"
made with special rice from Yamaguchi, koshihikari and yamatowashi
from 美東町. a kind of puffed rice sweets on senbei or white chocolate
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hatoko no umi 鳩子の海 "Hatoko's Sea" manju
made in memory of a NHK television drama in Yamaguchi, since Showa 49.
With fresh cream from Hokkaido
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. . . Reference

juuniisseiki nashi no nodoame 二十世紀梨のど飴 drops from juuniisseiki nashi pears
from Akiyoshi nashi pears 秋芳梨
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Japanbirnen von Akiyoshi

kappu shifon keeki buruuberii カップシフォンケーキ《ブルーベリーCup shiffon cake with blueberries
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kuranchi choko クランチチョコ crunchy chocolate
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"Knusprige Schokolade" Riegel

natsumikan kashi 夏蜜柑菓子 sweets with summer mikan
"asagiri あおぎり" morning dew
only made in summer
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Süssigkeiten mit japanischer Pampelmusenmandarine

natsumikan nodoame 夏みかんのど飴 drops from summer mikan
from Hagi
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and other sweets with natsumikan summer mikan, a speciality of Hagi town.

shiffon keeki シフォンケーキ shiffon cake
from Yamaguchi city
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tomatoserii 垢田のトマトゼリー jelly with sweet tomatoes from Akada
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Gelee mit Tomaten


Things found on the way

Ge Ge Ge no Kitarō (ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 and Daruma san !


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