AUGUST ... hachigatsu 八月


.............. August 6, 2009

Asahi First Brewery in Japan to Produce
Beer with Green Power

Asahi Breweries, Ltd., a major Japanese brewer, announced on April 16, 2009, a plan to manufacture its main product -- Asahi Super Dry Beer (350 ml size) --and other beers included in gift sets using power from green sources such as wind and biomass energy. This is the first time in the Japanese food industry that a manufacturer uses green electricity to produce products in-house.

The company entered into a contract with Japan Natural Energy Co. to purchase 40 million kilowatts of renewable energy per year. This is the largest green power purchase contract so far in the Japanese food industry. Under the contract, the company expects to reduce its emissions by about 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 4,500 households.

Asahi Breweries plans to print the Green Energy Mark logo on applicable products from all nine of its breweries in late May 2009 as proof of its green power usage. The company is going to switch half of its total electricity consumption, usually produced from non-renewable energy supplied by power utilities, over to green-sourced power, and ...
source : www.japanfs.org


.............. August 7, 2009

Due to the long rainy season and not enough sunshine and heat, many vegetables are now getting more expensive! Peaches in Okayama are not sweet enough for shipment and are given away for free or thrown away.


.............. August 14, 2009

The white guy in the photo above is Mr. James, the mascot for 4 new burgers of McDonald’s “Nippon All-Stars” series. Residents of Japan who have been riding JR trains or passing by McDonald’s restaurants have probably already seen his face on advertisements. In his TV commercials, Mr. James speaks annoying foreigner Japanese (not unlike the wacky foreigner who spoke NIPPONGO in a recent Sony Commercial). Print advertisements convey his goofy gaijin Japanese by rendering everything he says in katakana.

Mr. James has an official blog chronicling his love for Japan and McDonalds. Its blog posts, no doubt written by a Japanese employee of McDonald’s Japan’s marketing department, put everything in a mix of katakana and hiragana.
source : www.japanprobe.com

In Kamakura !
NIPPON ALL STARS Mr.ジェームスの食べある記


.............. August 28, 2009

Sushi Chef Examination
The All Japan Sushi Association intends to give online examinations about how to prepare sushi and if you pass, you can print out your own certificate about it.
全日本寿司協会 Yamagata Tadashi
national union of sushi chefs


.............. August 31, 2009

After the elections

Hatoyama saburee / 鳩山民衆サブレー / 鳩山サブレー
Hatoyama bisquits / Yukio Hatoyama

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