Ramune (lemonade)



Lemonade (ramune)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: All Summer
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ramune ラムネ lemonade

a carbonated soft drink originally sold in Japan which was introduced at Kobe by Alexander Cameron Sim.

Ramune is widely known for the distinctive design of its bottle, often called Codd-neck bottles after the inventor, Hiram Codd. They are made of glass and sealed with a marble; the codd head is held in place by the pressure of the carbonation in the drink. To open the bottle, a device to push the marble inward is provided with the bottle. The marble is pushed inside the neck of the bottle where it rattles around while drinking.

People trying Ramune for the first time sometimes find it difficult to drink, as it takes practice to learn to stop the marble from blocking the flow. In the new version of the bottle (2006), little slots were added to the cap where the marble was originally held. This prevented the flow from obstruction if the marble falls back into the cap.

Ramune is also available in plastic PET bottles as well as cans.

Ramune is one of the modern symbols of summer in Japan and is widely consumed during warm festival days and nights. Empty bottles are usually collected for recycling at stalls where it is sold.

The bottle's design creates a special attraction to children who clamor to see the "alien head" image that is formed from the ball and indentations on the bottle neck. This provides a unique form of endearing brand recognition, even for children who don't remember the product's name.

Despite the unique design of the bottle, the Ramune flavour is quite conventional, similar to many other carbonated lemon-lime soft drinks. The word 'ramune' is derived phonetically from the English 'lemonade'.

There are other flavours of the drink, including: pineapple, kiwifruit, melon, strawberry, orange, lychee, Blue Hawaii, peach, wasabi (available at Tokyu Hands), Kimchi, bubble gum, octopus, mango, raspberry and curry.

Ramune was a popular drink in the Japanese Imperial Navy before World War II and this aided its civilian popularity in Japan.
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ramune bottle in the form of a kokeshi wooden doll

. Kokeshi, Wooden Dolls こけし, .   


Lemonade with Curry Flavor

and with WASABI horseradish flavor

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In Osaka, it comes with the
flavor of TAKOYAKI, grilled octopus
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some like it hot ... with kimchi
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In Rainbow Colors, with cider flavor
“ にじ色ラムネ ”

source : www.rakuten.co.jp/canmi

lemonade with tea flavor
and annin ramune 杏仁ラムネ

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Grand Prix for Haiku about Lemonade

Started in Heisei 15.

ramune bin keitai-gata no fuurin ne

lemonade bottle -
a wind chime
to carry around

Hoshi Akihiro 星明宏 

ramune bin kazashite awa no nagareboshi

opening a bottle
of lemonade - a shooting star
of bubbles

Kurajima Tsumugi 倉島つむぎ

source : 「ラムネ俳句大賞」事務局


Japanese lemonade -
an unexpected rainbow
of bottles

Gabi Greve


me and a bee -
dividing together
the same lemonade

Olga Neagu
. WKD ... on FACEBOOK .

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Narayanan Raghunathan said...

spectral bottles
fuzzing in sunlight ~
world of lemonades

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for your cosmic lemonade, dear Narayanan!

Anonymous said...

lemonade stand
daddy adds
a spritz of vodka

Doris Kasson

facebook said...

opening cocacola
a shoot of bubbles strong as
our desire for a drink

John Tiong Chunghoo

Gabi Greve - Edopedia said...

ippon no ramune no kanro toogejaya

the sweet taste
of one bottle of lemonade -
this tea stall at the pass

Nakayama Junko 中山純子

tooge no chaya