JUNE ... rokugatsu 六月


.............. June 7, 2010

MSC-certified Pole-and-Line
Skipjack Tuna Goes on Sale

Organic food delivery services provider DAICHI WO MAMORUKAI (in English, The Association to Preserve the Earth) started on March 29, 2010, to sell Tosakatsuo Suisan's pole-and-line skipjack tuna products, certified by the international Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The seafood produced by the local fishery group from Kochi Prefecture is the first of its kind allowed to use the MSC's seafood eco-label.

The MSC is a UK-based global organization that supports environmentally friendly and well-managed fisheries through its certification and eco-labeling program for sustainable seafood.

The practice of pole-and-line fishing, a traditional and environment-conscious technique, is in decline nowadays, as less-expensive imported fish dominate the market. Through marketing of the skipjack tuna products, DAICHI WO MAMORUKAI intends to inform consumers about the importance of the fishing practice, a proud tradition among Japanese fishermen since ancient times.
source : www.japanfs.org


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.............. June, 2010

Beer Festival
Great Japan Beer Festival 2010 is planned to be held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama. The Tokyo event takes place at Ebisu Garden Place on June 5 and 6, 2010.
There are over 120 kinds of Japanese craft beer and imported beer available at each event.
July 17-19: Kyosera Dome Osaka 9F
source : gojapan.about.com

「beerfes! 2010」 ジャパン・ビアフェスティバル2010

jibiiru ... local regional beer


.............. June 9, 2009

(International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition)

 。 国際食品工業展
Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association (FOOMA).

Food manufacturing and processing, cooking machinery (bread and confectionery, meat and sea products, noodles, prepared food, beverages and dairy products, agricultural products, tofu, brewing and distilling, other food), food materials processing, food preservation, quality maintenance, engineering, production control systems, packaging and distribution, storage, conveyance and transfer, measurement, analysis and inspection, food sanitation control, environmental protection, conservation and recycling, equipment, machineries, engineering parts, food materials, processed foods, information services ...
source : www.foomajapan.jp

Okonomiyaki Robot お好み焼きロボット
by Toyo Riki Co.
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Sushi Robot 寿司ロボット
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.............. June 3, 2009

vegetable factory

Vegetable factories in Japan
They grow in artificial light,usually in outdated factory rooms. Everything is controlled, humidity, temperature, carbon dioxid emission and all. The produce is about double the price than other natural grown stuff, but it is the same throughout the year.
There are now about 30 of this kind, but the ministry wants to encourage more than 150.



.............. June 25, 2009

CLICK me  !The statue of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders had been recovered in March from a river in Osaka, 24 years after frenzied Hanshin Tigers fans threw the statue into the river when the baseball team won the Central League championship. The statue is 180 cm high and weighs 26 kg.
It has been consecrated in a Shinto Shrine in Osaka.
Fans of Japanese baseball’s Hanshin Tigers hoped to exorcize a 24-year “curse” today by honoring a statue of Colonel Sanders at a local shrine. A turnaround by the team might aid business in the region, as economist hope.


Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson マイケル・ジャクソン


.............. June 30, 2009

Cola Shock
by Kirin Beer Company

Mixing vodka with Coca Cola for an alcoholic drink with 5% alcohol.
Sold in cans of 350 or 500 ml. Starting to sell on July 8.
RTD ... Ready to Drink

Cola for the Night of Grown Ups

キリン コーラショック

Green Tea Coke
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Shiso Pepsi Shiso (since June 23)
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Shiso (Veggie) Pepsi / Veggie Pepsi

Pepsi Ice Cucumber
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Nihon Coca Cola / 日本コカ・コーラ
Coca-Cola Museum

Nihon Pepsi Cola 日本ペプシコーラ販売

koora, kokakoora コーラ, コカコーラ Coca Cola, coke
KIGO for Summer

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FEBRUARY ... nigatsu 二月

MARCH ... sangatsu 三月

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MAY ... gogatsu 五月

JUNE ... rokugatsu 六月

NOVEMBER ... juuichigatsu 十一月  

DECEMBER ... juunigatsu 十二月  



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