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Spinach (hoorensoo)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Early Spring
***** Category: Plant


spinach 菠薐草 (ほうれんそう, ほうれん草) hoorensoo, horenso
Spinacia oleracea

It has been introduced to Japan in the 16th century, via Iran (the old Chinese name for Iran was Hoorenkoku 菠薐国.
So its name means "leaves from the country of Hooren".

In Japan it is prepared as a leafy vegetable. In Europe it is often used squashed as a puree.

Spring Vegetables


Popeye used to eat it to get strong, remember?!

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea)
is an edible flowering plant in the family of Amaranthaceae. It is native to central and southwestern Asia. It is an annual plant (rarely biennial), which grows to a height of up to 30 cm. Spinach may survive over winter in temperate regions. The leaves are alternate, simple, ovate to triangular-based, very variable in size from about 2-30 cm long and 1-15 cm broad, with larger leaves at the base of the plant and small leaves higher on the flowering stem. The flowers are inconspicuous, yellow-green, 3-4 mm diameter, maturing into a small hard dry lumpy fruit cluster 5-10 mm across containing several seeds.

Primitive forms of spinach are found in Nepal and that is probably where the plant was first domesticated. Other than the Indian subcontinent, it was unknown in the ancient world. After the early Muslim conquests the plant spread to other areas. In 647, it was taken to China, possibly by Persians. Muslim Arabs diffused the plant westward up to Islamic Spain. By the eleventh century it was a common plant in the Muslim world.

Spinach is known as a rich source of iron and calcium. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a 180 gram serving of boiled spinach contains 6.43 mg of iron, whereas one 6 oz. (170 gram) ground hamburger patty contains at most 4.42 mg. Thus spinach does contain a relatively high level of iron, compared to other vegetable and meat sources.
Spinach has a high nutritional value and is extremely rich in antioxidants, especially when fresh, steamed, or quickly boiled.

Savoy has dark green, crinkly and curly leaves.
Flat/smooth leaf spinach has broad smooth leaves that are easier to clean than savoy.
Semi-savoy is a hybrid variety with slightly crinkled leaves.

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hoorensoo no goma-ae ほうれん草のごまあえ
spinach with sesame dressing
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hoorensoo no bataa itame ほうれん草のバター炒め
fried with butter

hoorensoo no ohitashi ほうれん草のお浸し
boiled spinach seasoned with soy sauce

hoorensoo to beekon ほうれん草とベーコン
spinach with bacon
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Worldwide use


Things found on the way


a worm upon
his salad

Brenda Roberts, USA

hoorensoo bekon
the first dish i learn
to cook in japan

John Tiong Chunghoo

with boiled eggs
a dish of hoorensoo
and Chinese tea

Ella Wagemakers, Holland

washing hoorensoo -
an spider offended
came out and go...

Mataji Olga, Italy

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