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Shimizu Ekiben Station lunchbox

Sakura ebi sushi 桜えびすし
sushi with sakura shrimp

A sushi with the small pink sakura-ebi shrimp.
It comes in a square box with a pink cover, carrying a photo of Mount Fuji.
The sushi rice contains bits of abura-age tofu and lotos roots. Some stripes of yellow omelette (kinshi tamago 錦糸卵 ) are placed on the rice and then a lot of the pink "cherryblossom" shrimp. On the side are some green peas and a bit of ginger.
The shrimp are only about 4-5 cm long and used to come all from the area. Now the catch has drastically decreased.

The young chef who prepares this meal takes great pains to cook the shrimp as a tsukudani and after that dips them again in hot water to make them look more pink and taste better on the rice.
He has taken many hints from his gather who is a famous sushi chef and has his shop right beside the one of his son.
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There is also an Inarizushi いなりすし ekiben with five pieces at this station.

Overlooked by Mt. Fuji, these pink shrimp are dried on the banks of the rivers along Suruga Bay.
First made for the trains Inari いなり and the faster NOZOMI by the high quality sushi shop Inariya Suehiro Sushi いなりや 末廣鮨. Now in the second generation of the chef.
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The port of Shimizu Minato is famous for the legendary
Shimizu Jirochoo 清水次郎長.

Daruma Museum
Jirochoo and Ishimatsu 次郎長だるま . 石松だるま


Yui no takarabune 由比の宝舟 "treasure ship" from Yui village
This is made to order from Shimizu Yoshinobu 清水義信 of Fujieda town.
It is a simple boat made from wood, a miniature of the local fishing boats. The biggest are 1 meter long, the smallest ones just the size of the palm of a hand.

This kind of "auspicious boat" was first made as a miniature of the boats fishing for sakuraebi 桜えび shrimp in Shizuoka, by Takahashi Ichitaro 高橋市太郎, the grandfather of Yoshinobu.

. Takarabune with the seven gods of good luck .



Sakuraebi, sakura ebi, sakura-ebi 桜蝦 (さくらえび)

"cherryblossom shrimp", stardust shrimp

Spring at the beach (haru no umi)
and related kigo


Shimizu station, Shizuoka prefecture
JR 東海道本線・清水駅 Tokaido Main Line
Shimizu station opened in 1889, February 1.
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Shimizu town  

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kigo for all spring
cherryblossom shrimp, sakura ebi
さくらえび,桜蝦, 桜えび

This is a speciality of the Suruga Bay, Sagami Bay and a few others, where they are fished and dried on the shores, with Mt. Fuji in the background, as you can see in the photo above.
They are eaten in many ways, tempura is one of them. Eating them brings the pleasant feeling of spring, even in winter.

. Spring at the beach (haru no umi) .

Yui harbour is the most famous for these shrimp.
The have developed a way of eating them "alive", as a kind of

odorigui 踊り食い to eat "dancing" shrimp

and another new try is a kind of donut with sakuraebi shrimp filling.

The mascot of the town is

Sakurayui さくらゆい

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