Yuba soymilk skin


YUBA 湯葉/湯波/油皮

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Fresh or dried layers of the skin of soybean milk, a very nutritious food.
A speciality of Kyoto and also of Nikko. It takes a place with good water to prepare good yuba.

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Speise aus der abgehobenen Haut, die sich auf Sojabohnenmilch bildet, wenn man sie erhitzt.

Takenoko sumoshi 竹の子すもし(寿司) sushi-type with bamboo sprouts and yuba wrapper.
Temple Daigoji, Kyoto


Tofu skin also known as dried beancurd or yuba is a Chinese and Japanese food product made from soybeans. During the boiling of soy milk, in an open shallow pan, a film or skin composed primarily of a soy protein-lipid complex forms on the liquid surface. The films are collected and dried into yellowish sheets known as tofu skin or soy milk skin. Because it is derived directly from soy milk, the name tofu skin is technically inaccurate.
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In ancient China, soy milk skin has been dried and used as a preserved food, keeping for more than one year. The soldiers could take it with them on their long journeys and still enjoy nutritious food. Before eating, the dried sticks could be put in hot oil and fry for a while, then they were softened in hot water and sauces of various flavors could be added.


Specialities of Nikko

habutaeyuba, habutae yuba 羽二重ゆば

komakiyuba 小巻きゆば

kumiageyuba 汲み上げゆば
this is the first take of the skin of a pot of soymilk. It contains more nutrition than the later layers of the skin and is very soft.

mattariyuba, mattari yuba まったりゆば

namayuba 生ゆば

naka-age yuba 中揚げゆば

shidareyuba, shidare yuba しだれゆば

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taguriyuba たぐりゆば hand-rolled yuba,
made from one sheet of plain raw yuba

temariyuba, temari yuba 手まりゆば

yubatoro ゆばとろ
yuba nimono ゆば佃煮



hikiage yuba ひきあげ湯葉
The soymilk skin is taken off in front of your eyes, hang on a stand for about 5 minutes and then served all fresh.
Speciality of Kyoto

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yubamaki, yuba maki ゆば巻 "suhsi rolled in soymilk skin"
from Western Muro, Wakayama 西牟婁
At times when seewead was too expensive for the villagers to buy, they used the skin of soymilk (yuba), colored it with food coloring in red and green and wrapped their sushi in it for festive occasions like New Year and the annual rice festivals. Nowadays it is cheaper to use seaweed which can be bought in the local shops.
Wakayama - Regional Dishes

yubashigure, yuba shigure 湯葉時雨 -ゆばしぐれ
small pieces of yuba, cooked with soy sauce and spices,
ready to put on a bowl of white rice

Speciality of Kyoto



yuba kai ni yuku keiroo no hi narikeri

I go to buy
some soy milk skin -
respect for the aged day 

Suzuki Yasuhiko 鈴木八洲彦


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