Kinmedai Fish



Kinmedai Fish

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: All Winter
***** Category: Humanity


kinmedai 金目鯛 (きんめだい) Alfonsino
"sea bream with a golden eye"

- - - - - TAI is a sea bream.
madai 真鯛 マダイ red sea bream
Pagrus major
. tai 鯛 sea bream and kigo .

The splendid alfonsino, Beryx splendens, is an alfonsino of the genus Beryx, found around the world at depths of between 25 and 1,300 m. Their length is between 30 and 70 cm.
The splendid alfonsino is a deepwater relative of the eastern nannygai, having a smoother body and lacking the scale and head spines.
The colour is a brilliant scarlet back, red flanks with a strong tinge of silver, and bright red fins.
Splendid alfonsino usually swim in large schools in waters associated with rocky outcrops, where they feed on planktonic animals with their fine-toothed jaws.
They are excellent for eating.
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Kinmedai is well liked as Japanese food.


Sea bream has a special place in Japanese cooking. There are many varieties of sea bream such .as red sea bream, black porgy and yellowback sea bream. The red sea bream has a unique red color that is considered tovbe lucky and so the fish is served up whole on New Year's Day, -at wedding ceremonies and other special occasions.

This fish appears in many Japanese proverbs. "Use a shrimp to catch a sea bream" and "Stale sea bream is still a delicacy." These well-known proverbs illustrate how in Japanese culture sea bream is synonymous luxury and high quality.

Sea breams have hard scales and bones and so properly filleting them takes some practice. The meat can be used for high-grade sashimi, the head section can be cooked and the removed bones and tail can provide a'rich flavor to soup stock. Sea bream can be stored frozen or refrigerated, but should be used soon after purchase.

In Japan there is a popular snack called "taiyaki," which literally means "grilled sea bream. However, this is actually just a fish-shaped pancake stuffed with sweet bean paste.
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tai sakurazushi, tai sakura sushi 鯛桜寿し
sea bream sushi wrapped in a salted cherry tree leaf
decorated with a cut of orange carrot, like a cherry leaf
speciality of Kyoto
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Worldwide use

Südlicher Kaiserbarsch, Nordischer Schleimkopf

Things found on the way

. tsurushibina つるし雛 / 吊るし雛 small hanging hina dolls .

As an auspicious fish (medetai) it can not be missed to wish good luck.
The red color is warding off evil influence for the girl.


Traditional Folk Toys : all sorts of Sea Bream dolls


Related words

. tai 鯛 all kinds of sea bream .

sea bream waffles, taiyaki 鯛焼き



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