Wasabi green horseradish



Japanese Horseradish (wasabi)

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Wasabi, Japanese horseradish

green horseradish

和佐比, わさび,ワサビ, 山葵
Wasabia japonica , Cochlearia wasabi, or Eutrema japonica
kigo see below

Few places are suitable for large-scale wasabi cultivation, and cultivation is difficult even in ideal conditions, because it needs extremely clear water
In Japan, wasabi is cultivated mainly in these areas with plenty of good water:

Izu peninsula, Shizuoka prefecture
Iwate prefecture
Nagano prefecture
Shimane prefecture
Yamanashi prefecture

The word, in the form 和佐比, first appeared in 918 in
The Japanese Names of Medical Herbs (本草和名 Honzō Wamyō, honzoo wamyoo).
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Water quality is vital for mizu wasabi (water horseradish), which grows in running water. The three necessary conditions require the water to be so clean that iwana (char) and yamame (landlocked salmon) can live in it, to be plentiful, and to have a temperature from 8 to 18 centigrade all year round.

In Kansai, wasabi is cultivated in Kakumagi, Wakayama Prefecture, where wasabi is presumed to have originated, and in Azai Town in Shiga Prefecture's Kohoku area around the northern part of Lake Biwa, both noted for their water. Wasabi sushi, in which rice and salted mackerel are rolled in a wasabi leaf, is a famous product of Shimizu Town in Wakayama.
source :  www.kippo.or.jp



Daio Wasabi Farm 山葵園 Wasabi-En

The Daioo Wasabi Farm lies in the peaceful outskirts of Hotaka town and is recognised as the largest such farm in Japan. Founded in 1915, the farm has enjoyed a long history throughout the years that has even seen it featured in the 1990 film Dreams, directed by the internationally acclaimed director Akira Kurosawa. The quaint watermills that were especially constructed for the film remain in the farm today, and can be best viewed by taking one the special raft-tours that are available throughout the spring and summer months.

While the Daio Wasabi Farm has long been a favourite of Japanese tourists for its picturesque beauty, the farm is also notable for the wide-array of culinary delights offered by its restaurants and shops. Visitors can try traditional staples such as wasabi soba (buckwheat noodles, a local speciality) and wasabi tempura (deep-fried prawns and vegetables), to the slightly less conventional likes of wasabi ice-cream and wasabi wine - surprisingly delicious, despite their rather strange sounding taste!
source : www.azumino-e-tabi.net

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wasabida 山葵田 wasabi fields

for examle in 安曇野 Azumino, Nagano pref.


wasabi to jooruri wa naite homeru

wasabi and Joruri puppet theater recitation are praized with your tears.

Good wasabi is so hot you start to cry.
Good bunraku theater performance is so sad that you cry.

Wasabi und den Begleitgesang beim Puppentheater lobt man durch Tränen.

wasabi wa kowai kao de orose

Wasabi muss man mit einem ernsten Gesicht reiben.
this means
you should do it strongly and seriously to get the pungent ingredient アリルインチオシアネートout of the root. So you have to keep grinding more and more in a good circle to prepare a good wasabi.

sushi no karami wa wasabi ni kagiru

a spicy sushi is best made with wasabi

wasabi is called namida なみだ in the sushi shops, meaning "tears".


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sabinuki さびぬき (さび抜き).


Station lunchbox from Numazu, Shizuoka

Minato Ajizushi Bento

Sushi from horse mackerel with wasabi
A piece of fresh wasabi is added to the bento, with a tiny green grinder for extra fresh flavor!


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wasabi matsuri わさびまつり wasabi festival

in Izu Town 伊豆市地蔵堂

the pungent ingredient is ariru karashi abura アリルからし油


wasabi ryoori わさび料理 wasabi dishes
from the area of Nikko


wasabizuke わさび漬け(山葵漬け pickled wasabi
perpared with the stem and leaves of the plant and seke lees. A bit of sugar can be added.

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Memorial stone for wasabizuke, which originated in Shizuoka
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This is a kind of hot sidedish with many types of fish. It is said to prevent stomach upset in the summer season. The easiest preparation is with sugar and vinegar, but there are regional recipies for the mix, mostly with sake lees.
It is a favorite regional souvenir.
. wasabi - spring Kigo .   

In Yamanashi, best from Kosuge village 小菅村, proud of its clean water.
. Washoku - Yamanashi Prefecture .   


from my neighbourhood souvenir store

wasabi arare わさびあられ rice crackers
255 wasabi arare crackers

wasabi senbei わさびせんべい small crackers
254 wasabe senbei

Wasabi from Noboribetsu, Hokkaido 登別のわさび

from Izu Peninsula :

wasabi daifuku わさび大福 dumplings with sweet bean paste and a bit of ground wasabi in the middle
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tempura from fresh wasabi leaves
crackers with cream cheese and a tip of ground wasabi

Worldwide use

Japanischer Meerrettich

Normaler weisser Meerrettich ist yamawasabi

Things found on the way

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yamawasabi 山わさび normal white horseradish,
grown in Hokkaido, indroduced by the Europeans.
北海道の山わさび, lit. "mountain horseradish"

temaki yamawasabi kappa
hand-wrapped cucumber rolls with wild wasabi


kigo for late spring
wasabi 山葵田(わさびだ) field with wasabi
wasabizawa 山葵沢(わさびざわ)creek with wasabi
hawasabi 葉山葵(はわさび)leaf-wasabi
tsuchi wasabi 土山葵(つちわさび)wasabi in the earth
hata wasabi 畑山葵(はたわさび)wasabi in the field

shiro wasabi 白山葵(しろわさび)white wasabi
aokuki wasabi 青茎山葵(あおくきわさび)
wasabi with a green stem
akakuki wasabi 赤茎山葵(あかくきわさび)
wasabi with a red stem

kigo for mid-spring
wasabizuke 山葵漬 (わさびづけ)

kigo for early summer
wasabi no hana 山葵の花 flowers of wasabi
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They are rather small, but a whole field in bloom is quite a sight.

taki kara no mizu ni wasabi ga hikishimari

in the water
from the waterfall wasabi becomes
all tough and strong

Shibuya Shiori 渋谷志をり

wasabida o nozokeba utsuru hito no kao   

peeking into
a wasabi field it reflects
the human face

Kiuchi Shiyuu 木内紫幽 (しゆう)



山葵漬 長子は 父を敬遠す          

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