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Wine (budooshu)

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Kigo with wine budooshu ぶどうしゅ、葡萄酒

Grapes and Grape Harvest, Vendanges budoo (Japan)
Grape Festival (Winzerfest, Wine Festival) (Europe)

Mulled wine (gloegg, Gluehwein)

Rice wine (ricewine) sake, Japan Reiswein

Nihon no wain 日本ワイン Japanese Wine
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Wein aus Japan

A advertising poster of "AKADAMA Port Wine” for Suntory Limited. This is the first nude advertising poster in Japan. Published in 1922 (Taisho 11). Directed by KATAOKA, Toshiro; featuring MATSUSHIMA, Emiko.
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Japanese wine
Legend has it that grape-growing in Japan began in 718 CE, in Katsunuma, Yamanashi Prefecture. Wine may have been made from local grapes there, but the first documented case of wine consumption in Japan was in the 16th century, when the Jesuit missionaries arrived from Portugal.
Saint Francis Xavier brought wines as gifts for the feudal lords of Kyūshū, and other missionaries continued the practice, resulting in locals acquiring taste for wine and importing it regularly.
They called the Portuguese wine chintashu (珍陀酒, chintashu), combining the Portuguese word tinto (chinta in Japanese accent) meaning red and the Japanese word shu (酒, shu) meaning liquor.
However, the proactive adoption of western culture during the Meiji restoration in the late 1860s had to take place before regular production of local wine started.1 The first attempt to produce wine locally was undertaken in Yamanashi, in 1875.During the first period, cultivation of American grape varieties formed the core of Japanese wine grapes, however they experienced a setback with a Phylloxera epidemic. Afterwards the demand for domestic Japanese wine decreased, but in every region some small amount of makers remained. It was not until after World War II during the process of the agricultural revolution when the scale of winemaking began to grow. However, in comparison to imported juices and bulk wine, domestic Japanese wine is still developing.

Major wine producing regions of Japan

Hokkaidō: Tokachi Wine (十勝ワイン,) Ikeda. Furano Wine (ふらのワイン, Furano Wine), Furano.
Yamagata Prefecture: Tendō Wine (天童ワイン, Tendoo wine), Tendō.
Niigata Prefecture: Iwanohara Wine (岩の原ワイン ), Jōetsu.
Yamanashi Prefecture: Katsunuma Wine (勝沼ワイン), Kōshū. "Rubaiyat", Kōshū. 100% Domestically grown grapes.
Nagano Prefecture: Shinshū Wine (信州ワイン), Shiojiri.
Shiga Prefecture: Hitomi Wine (ヒトミワイン), Higashiōmi.
Tochigi Prefecture:Nasu Wine (那須ワイン), Nasushiobara.
Kyoto Prefecture: Tanba Wine (丹波ワイン), Kyōtanba.
Osaka Prefecture: Kōchi Wine (河内ワイン), Kashiwara and Habikino.
Hyōgo Prefecture: Kobe Wine (神戸ワイン), Kobe
In Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City took the initiative to by developing regional agriculture and tourism with independent wineries as well has launching city-brand products.
Miyazaki Prefecture: Aya Wine (綾ワイン), Aya. Tsuno Wine (都農ワイン), Tsuno.
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kooshuu wain 甲州ワインKoshu Wine
first made in Katsunuma in 1877 by Masanari Takano and Tatsunori Tsuchiya after studying vinification in France.

Washoku, Yamanashi prefecture


fruutsu wain フルーツワイン Fruit Wine



Tokyo's Guide to All Thing Wine

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Vinotokyo is a community wine portal.

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The problem with Japanese wine
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kigo for late autumn

budooshu kamosu 葡萄酒醸す (ぶどうしゅかもす)
to make wine

. . . budooshu seisu 葡萄酒製す(ぶどうしゅせいす)
. . . budooshuu tsukuru 葡萄酒作る(ぶどうしゅつくる)
. . . wain tsukuru ワイン作る(わいんつくる)
. . . wain matsuri ワイン祭(わいんまつり)

***** Grape Festival (Winzerfest, Wine festival)

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somurie ソムリエ sommelier for wine, fruits, vegetables and other food
fuudo somurie フードソムリエ - food sommelier




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Japanese wine: unadulterated and ready to go abroad
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wain no hi ワインの日 day of wine

every month on the 20th


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