Raamen, Ramen, ラーメン Chinese noodle soup

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Ramen (Katakana: ラーメン; Kanji: 拉麺, rāmen) is a Japanese noodle dish that originated in China. la mien turned into Ramen.
It tends to be served in a meat-based broth, and uses toppings such as sliced pork (チャーシュー, chāshū), dried seaweed (海苔, nori), kamaboko, green onions, and even corn. Almost every locality or prefecture in Japan has its own variation of ramen, from the tonkotsu ramen of Kyūshū to the miso ramen of Hokkaidō.
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Chinesische Nudelsuppe
Chink noodles

The "Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum" is a unique museum about ramen.
Shin-Yokohama Ramen Hakubutsukan

raamen kokugikan ラーメン国技館 Ramen Theme Park
Odaiba Aqua City, Tokyo
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Ando Momofuku

Momofuku Ando (安藤 百福 ,Andō Momofuku), (March 5, 1910 – January 5, 2007) was the Taiwanese-Japanese founder and chairman of Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd., and the inventor of instant noodles and cup noodles. He was dubbed as
Mr. Noodle, The Noodle Papa, and The Ramen King.
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In 1933, Ando travelled to Osaka, Japan on business. After World War II, Ando became a Japanese citizen and moved to Japan, where he entered Ritsumeikan University and at the same time founded a small merchandising firm in Osaka with the inheritance from his family.

He was also the chairman of the International Ramen Manufacturers' Association and the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum (インスタントラーメン発明記念館) is named for him.
in Ikeda in Osaka.

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Ramen is usually served in a special bowl with a wide rim and a Chinese pattern.
raamendon ラーメン丼 ramen bowl

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A typical spoon for ramen or other Chinese dishes
raamenrenge ラーメンレンゲスプーン

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Sometimes with a little hook to hang it on the rim of the bowl when you eat the noodles with your chopsticks.

And now the new invention, all in one !

Raamen supuun ラーメンスプーン Spoon for Ramen Soup
with a fork to pick up the noodles

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Daruma Ken, Sapporo だるま軒

In 1940’s, after the world war 2 was over, there used to be many food-stalls lined along Sosei River, one of them was "Daruma-ken" owned by Senji Nishiyama. Ramen of his came to have good reputation especially for its good hand-made noodles, so he got to sell the noodles to other ramen stands. In those days they made 2 kinds of ramen soup, one was soy-sauce base, the other clear-soup base.
While the owner of "Aji no Sampei" restaurant, Morito Omiya, came to have a new recipe for making another soup of “miso” our traditional foodstuff around 1955.

At the same time, Takayuki Nishiyama, cousin of the Daruma-ken owner and in charge of making the noodles for the stall, succeeded in making the best noodles matching the miso soup-ramen finally.( He is the first president of Nishiyama Noodles Co.)

In this way, the best match of the curly chewy noodle and miso soup was made. Especially in the cold season this ramen keeping our body warm, good combination of taste and various ingredients, appealed to us all in Hokkaido.
source www.welcome.city.sapporo.jp/

Serving soy sauce ramen, salt ramen, miso ramen and many other types.

Eating from this bowl, your stomach and your heart will smile!
Enjoy this bowl from the Northern part of Japan/

The Store Curtain NOREN

source :  www.darumaken.com
... だるま軒物語
... Darumaken Gallery

(市営地下鉄南北線大通り駅 徒歩7分)
TEL : 011-251-8224


Hakata Daruma - Fukuoka Tonkotsu Ramen

Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka, Chuo, Watanabedori, 1丁目8−25

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Hakata Daruma’s ramen is considered the representative ramen of Fukuoka. The soup has received historical recognition across the nation. The restaurant’s most popular ramen is topped with chashu, which is made from a rare cut of pork cheek. A usual order of ramen costs 700 yen with an additional fee of 150 yen for an extra serving of noodles to slurp up with any remaining soup. Free extras include sesame seeds and ginger to add a different taste.
The rich flavor of the soup
is achieved by boiling pork hind-legs over long periods of time. This makes it irresistible once Daruma’s distinctively thin noodles are added, a characteristic of the restaurant since its establishment in 1963. Again, Hakata Daruma provides customers with the option to choose how hard they’d like their noodles. If you’re a ramen first-timer, it’s suggested to go with the standard noodle texture and you can work out your preferences from there.
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Cup soup <> カップラーメン Cup Ramen, Cup Raamen

”だるまラーメン” Daruma RAMEN ... more Photos !  

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ranmen ラン麺 "side by side" noodles
renmen 連麺 "combined noodles"

More than one noodle toghter, the largest batch is about 4 cm wide and consits of 14 ramen noodles side by side.
A shop in Tokyo has a maschine to make "combined noodes", from two to 14 and still tries to combine more. They keep the soup better and thus taste better.
But you can not really slurp them like "real" ramen noodles.
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gotoonin raamen ご当人ラーメン ramen made by a speciality cook

raamen tsuu ラーメン通 expert on ramen, connoisseur

raamemzuki ラーメン好き someone who loves ramen

raota, ra ota ラオタ/ ラー御宅 ramen otaku, ramen nerd

raamen banku ラーメンデータバンク ramen databank

Torasan raamen とらさん ラーメン 誌 月刊
torasan Tokyo no Ramenya San Magazine
Monthly Magazine about Ramen
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Local Ramen Specialities

120 Kurashiki ramen noodle soup
Kurashiki Ramen

Fujisan Ramen 富士山ラーメン vom Fujiyama
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Hakata Ramen 博多ラーメン in Fukuoka
made with a soup of bone marrow from pork
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WASHOKU : Hakata Ramen in FUKUOKA
Hakata Daruma Tonkotsu Ramen 博多 だるま

Hakata Shio Ramen 伯方塩ラーメン
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Kasaoka raamen 笠岡ラーメン
Okayama prefecture

Kitakata Ramen 喜多方ラーメン
The first was "genraiken" 源来軒, come and get it shop, opened by Fan Quinxing.
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Kurashiki Ramen 倉敷ラーメン
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Okayama Hokkee Ramen 岡山 ほっけゑラーメン
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Onomichi Ramen 尾道ラーメン
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Sapporo Ramen 札幌ラーメン
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Takayama Ramen 高山ラーメン
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Tokyo Ramen 東京ラーメン
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Wakayama Ramen 和歌山ラーメン
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Yokohama Ramen 横浜ラーメン
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Ramen from Japan
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Different Ramen Soup Preparations

hiyashi ramen 冷やしラーメンcold
miso raamen 味噌ラーメン with miso
shio raamen 塩ラーメン with salt
shooyu raamen 醤油ラーメン with soy sauce
tonkotsu raamen 豚骨ラーメン、トンコツラーメン with pork bones

tomuyamukun raamen トムヤムクン・ラーメン Tomyamkun Thai-Style
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Different Ramen Topping Preparations

chokoreeto raamen チョコレートラーメン Chocolate Ramen
... choko raamen チョコラーメ choko raumen
a salty sweet from Hokkaido, with chicken flavor and chocolate on noodles.
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gyuutan raamen 牛タンラーメン with beef tongue
Speciality form Sendai, Miyagi.
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inoshishi raamen いのししラーメン with wild boar meat, from Niimi town, Okayama 新見市岡山県
with soy sauce or miso taste

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gotoochi gurume, ご当地グルメ local gourmet food

gotoochi raamen ご当地ラーメン local ramen soup

karee raamen カレーラーメン
Muroran karee raamen 室蘭カレーラーメン Ramen with curry from Muroran, Hokkaido

sakekasu raamen 酒糟ラーメン soup with sake lees
Sakekasu Ramen

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suupu karee raamen スープカレーラーメン soup curry ramen
Hokkaido with nama collagen, milk from Hokkaido
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suppon raamen すっぽんらーめん with soft-shelled sea turtle

tenkake raamen てんかけラーメン
from Wakayama, with a lot of tenkasu and wakame
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Different Ramen Namings 

Tsuribaka nisshi raamen 釣りバカ日誌ラーメン
"Fishing addicts diary"
with soy sauce seafood taste or salty seafood taste
from エースコック Eesukokku /Acecook Co.
Named after a famous movie.
The story focuses on salaryman Densuke Hamasaki (a.k.a Hama-chan), whom his supervisor Sasaki has dubbed the "Fishing Baka" because of his passion for fishing. One day Hama-chan meets and befriends an older fisherman named Su-san, who turns out to be Ichinosuke Suzuki, the CEO of the "Suzuki Construction" company that Hama-chan works for. The stories tend to focus on their relathionship inside and outside of the office.
Toshiyuki Nishida, Rentaro Mikuni
© More in the WIKIPEDIA ! Fishing Fool's Diary
This is one of the long-running TV series about a fishing duo.
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Yoshitsune raamen 義経ラーメン Yoshitsune ramen
The owner of this recipe claims to be a descendant of Yoshitsune and Shizuka Gozen. The noodles are broad and strong, like this warrior.

. Minamoto no Yoshitsune 源の義経 (1159 - 1189) .
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Prevent the soup from splashing with this shampoo shield ...

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Daruma ramen ...
again and again
I wonder

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raamen ni megane ga kumoru Takuboku ki

from the ramen soup
my glasses become clouded -
Takuboku Day

Miyake Yayoi 三宅やよい

- - -
Takuboku Ki 啄木忌 (たくぼくき) Takuboku memorial day

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nanchatte raamen

なんちゃってラーメン sweet "noodle soup"

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10 Things About Instant Ramen You'll Be Embarrassed You Never Knew

1. The first instant ramen was considered a luxury item in supermarkets.

2. It's the best-selling item at Rikers prison.

3. Only the "Oriental" and "Chili" flavors of Nissin Top Ramen are vegetarian.

4. Some people (like David Chang) like to eat ramen without even cooking it.

5. Ramen is the Japanese word for Chinese "lo mein."

6. And China eats instant ramen more than any other country.

7. According to one survey, the Japanese consider ramen their best invention.

8. It would cost you only about $140 a year if you ate ramen for every meal.

9. There's a whole museum in Osaka, Japan dedicated to Cup Noodles.

10. The first noodles ever consumed in space were instant ramen noodles.

Bonus: Justin Timberlake's hair in the '90s was an unintentional advertisement for instant ramen.

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ramenburger ramen burger


Fast food joint Lotteria is teaming with ramen restaurant Menya Musashi for this culinary collaboration—a first of its kind, apparently, for the hamburger chain. Thus, as IT Media reports, the resulting burger is called "Menya Musashi Ramen Burger".
and ramen donuts and more . . .

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Kitakata ya tabi no asane no kurazashiki

Kitakata -
sleeping late on a trip
in a storehouse guest room

Hasegawa Teruko 長谷川耿子

more about the kurazashiki

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chirirenge チリレンゲ
spoon as present from a Kappa
to mix medicine

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Sano ramen dorei 佐野ラーメン土鈴 clay bell of a Ramen noodle soup shop in Sano

The city of ramen noodles, the classic dish for everyone!