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Festival Food (matsuri ryoori 祭り料理)

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Japan has many seasonal festivals, many of which come with special dishes served at home only on this day. Some are regional specialities also.
In summer, visitors also dress in yukata and geta.

On the "double days", January first, February second, March third and so on, there are usually special festivals according to the Asian lunar calendar.

Here I will list a few of them.


There are also special types of food served on the road to a festival site, temple or shrine. They are usually simple snacks, like

takoyaki, ikayaki, okonomiyaki or yakisoba.
Other types of food :
Satsuma Sweet Potatoes, Hokkaido Potatoes, Corn on the cob, grilled dumplings (yaki dango), deep-fried chicken pieces (tori no kara-age) ...

Sweets are also sold at these stalls.
ringo ame, candied apples or other fruit, bananas in chocolate, wata-ame 綿飴, kakigoori (kaki koori) ice cream ...
geraspeltes Eis mit Syrup

03 foodstall barbeque
Fried octopus on a stick
New Year Festivities at Shrine Saijo Inari, Okayama prefecture
My Photo Album, First Shrine Visit 2008

Spring Festival

01 Temple Tanjo-Ji Festival until Nr. 34
Temple Tanjoji, Nerikuyo 誕生寺 (Tanjo-Ji) . 練り供養
Gabi Greve, April 2008, Okayama Pref.


WASHOKU : Sweets served at special festivals

sweets for the Doll festival, hina arare 雛あられ March 3
..... More sweets for the Doll festival and sweet white rice wineShirazake 白酒 (しろざけ), hishi mochi 菱餅 (ひしもち)

Pounding Rice (mochi tsuki)
..... New Year's Rice Dumplings (toshi no mochi, kagamimochi, zoonimochi) and a few more

WASHOKU : New Year Food
Food of the New Year Season, O-Setchi Ryori
(osetchi ryoori おせち料理, 御節料理 )
. . . . . including:
Special food served at the First Audience and Reception of Politicians at the Emperor's Palace
Ganjitsu no Sechi-E 元日節会

Sawachi ryoori 皿鉢料理 Sawachi cuisine, celebration food
From Kochi prefecture

Autumn Festival in Okayama:
Sabazushi 鯖寿司 

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