Kitchoan Kichoan Kitcho-An



There are variuos establishments called KITCHOAN
(something lucky, and auspicious, a good omen.

Here I will introduce some as I find them


Minamoto Kitchoan

Japanese Sweets around the World

Today, December 24, as every year, there is an advertisement on each page of our local paper, with the most delicious sweets, ikebana and photos to bring us the mood of the New Year of the Ox.

The main store is in Kamakura, where I lived for many years.

源 吉兆庵本店 鎌倉
Minamoto Kichooan Honten Kamakura

Named after Minamoto no Yoritomo, who initiated the Samurai Government of Kamakura in 1192.
In the second floor of this store you can enjoy some antiques of the time.

New Year Sweets with a little OX

Gabi Greve, December 24, 2008

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Sweets set for the New Year

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Fukushorai Set:
This set is gathered to bring good luck for new years to come.

Darumasan: Less sweetened Kinton (sweet potato paste) with white beans
Oshishi: Black sesame paste wrapped with soft textured rice cake.

source : Fukushorai Set


Kyoto Kitcho

松花堂弁当 Shokado Bento Lunchbox

Kichoan Shokado Tea House
43, Yawata Ominaeshi, Yawata, Kyoto 614-8077 JAPAN


Greeting from the Chairman 岡田拓士

Worldwide use


"Flavorful desserts can do much to bridge hearts when people get together. They can enhance the moment when people cross paths, or they can convey a person's true feeling toward someone very special, "says Takashi Okada, President of Minamoto Kitchoan.

Matcha-flavored wagashi (sweets) are popular in Japan. They are consumed as cakes on special occasions such as festivals, as jelly-based cooling drinks in summer, and as French-inspired premium chocolates. One occasion in which they are not served is during tea ceremonies, in view of the fact that serving them with matcha tea would be considered redundant.

Minamoto Kitchoan was founded in Okayama Prefecture in 1947. The company produces traditional Japanese cakes composed of three ingredients: rice flour, azuki bean jam, and sugar. The Matcha Manju is prepared with rice flour, white bean jam, and green tea powder. It features a flavor similar to that of a Fig Newton® and has a two-day shelf life.

The company also produces Kasutera Green Tea Sponge Cake. Kasutera is a corruption of pão de Castella or Castile bread (Castile is a province of Spain). In the 16th century the recipe, together with gunpowder and tobacco, was transported by Portuguese merchants to Nagasaki, the only port open to foreigners. Castile bread boasts a long shelf life, an advantage for sailors embarking on long sea voyages. It is loaf shaped, is available in an assortment of flavors, and is extensively sold at festivals and as street food.

source : www.chajin-online.com

Things found on the way

Ame, dagashi <> Sweets  飴、駄菓子 with DARUMA

Wagashi 和菓子 . Japanese Sweets with DARUMA


eto no ushi Daruma to tomo ni wagashi nare

sweet surprizes -
Daruma and the OX
of 2009

Gabi Greve, December 2008

The famous Ox-Herding Zen Paintings
2009, year of the ox

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