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Science of the Rice Plant
The Growing Rice Plant
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From reading movement to community building
(regional promotion)

In the middle of 1940's people were saying , "farmers don't read and they are no good." But we, Rural Culture Association took a stance that it was books that were no good, and tried to publish books which would appeal to farmers. We published books and magazines for farmers by gathering wisdom and ideas of farmers and succeeded to sell surprising numbers of those books and magazines, contributing to the increase of nation's food production as the result.

Agriculture has functions not only to supply food but also to provide information about medicine, educate people about nature and preserve natural environment. Today, Rural Culture Association is trying to utilize those functions of agriculture for building a good community to live in.

There is the countryside before cities. There is labor before science and technology. There is human living before industry and economy. There are people before politics." is our slogan, and we are trying to bring about "revolutions" in agriculture, relationship between people living in city and countryside, and contemporary lifestyle.

In 55 years of our history we have published a million pages of magazines and books. Those publications were made on information gathered steadily on our foot. To contribute these information to protecting the health of people we started to build a database on these publications and publish in electronic media.

With 280000 readers and 80% of them being farmers, our monthly magazine,"Gendai Nougyou(contemporary agriculture)", is a strong medium to convey such information to farmers. With through knowledge of production site we plan an advertisement editorial from a unique angle. Notable machinery and materials which has a potential to bring about a revolution in agricultural technology is fully examined and introduced in an article on our initiative.

source :  www.ruralnet.or.jp/E/about



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source :  農山漁村文化協会

Members of the group ride on bikes all around Japan and aks the local people about their eating habits and the food they prepare. Here is a volume about Soba and Udon noodles.

Furusato no Katei Ryoori

There is a volume about each prefecture, this is truely an anthology of the Food Culture of Japan and extremely useful for the anthropologist and ethnologist.

You can get an acces to the library online (in Japanese).
This is the biggest online library about food !

source :  日本の食生活全集 データベース

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Thanks to A.Ookusa for introducing me to this incredible library and resource.
Gabi Greve

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